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AMMGH - Suite
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AMMGH - Suite

Grand Hyatt Amman takes home the award from UN women's WEPs program for Best Practices of Women Empowerment
Following Hyatt’s goals and efforts in supporting women through the Women at Hyatt Initiative, which aims to build a healthy work environment for women, break barriers to achieve gender equality, and shed a light on women’s leadership, Grand Hyatt Amman had the honor of receiving an award from UN women’s WEPs program (Women’s Empowerment Principles) for Best Practices as well as being recognized for all the efforts that are made towards women empowerment.

After the ceremony, the Women at Hyatt Committee celebrated this achievement with a fun spin the wheel game were everyone got to win prizes along with a delicious cake  to complete the celebration.

Grand Hyatt Amman celebrates the graduation of the first group of Future Hotelier Academy
Grand Hyatt Amman and EFE celebrate the graduation of the first group of the Future Hotelier Academy training program, which is a program implemented by Grand Hyatt Amman in collaboration with Education for employment, where intensive training was provided to students in different key areas including Food & Beverage, Front Office (reception) and Housekeeping, which aims in providing students with the needed skills and experience to succeed in the hospitality industry.

Grand Hyatt Amman celebrates the Festive Season with the opening of the Christmas Market
As part of our festive season celebrations, Grand Hyatt Amman has collaborated with Al-Mahabba Committee on holding their annual Christmas Market at Sawani Terrace where all proceeds of the market went towards supporting needy families. The village was held over the course of two weekends and included all kinds of activities from live music and winning prizes, to kids' entertainment, food and drinks, and shopping from local businesses.

Grand Hyatt Amman celebrates Gratitude Day!
In honor of Hyatt’s fifth annual Global Day of Gratitude this year, we celebrated by hosting several activities for our employees and gave out thank you gifts to show appreciation towards their efforts in addition to having amenities placed in guestrooms.

Grand Hyatt Amman supports The Jordan Charity Clothes Bank's annual winter campaign
Inspired by Hyatt’s aim to care for people, Grand Hyatt Amman has collaborated with The Jordan Charity Clothing Bank, in support of their ongoing annual winter campaign done each year, by placing a donation box at its hotel staff entrance for the entire month of November in order to encourage our team to take part of this campaign by giving back and supporting the less fortunate. The Jordan Charity Clothes Bank partners with over 300 local associations to reach families in need in rural areas and villages and Grand Hyatt Amman is delighted to be one of those associations, especially during this time of the year as the winter season has just begun.

The establishment of the Women @ Hyatt Committee: Jordan Chapter

As part of its DEI initiatives, Grand Hyatt Amman has established the Women at Hyatt Committee -Jordan Chapter  with a solid goal in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion, implementing a recognition & rewarding program as well as partnering with several companies to provide training sessions and services. Furthermore, the committee conducts regular meetings to share stories, knowledge, and valuable insights as well as entertainment, educational, and well-being sessions.

Further along, we've also collaborated with NGOs such as UN Women where we received an award from their WEPs program (Women’s Empowerment Principles) for Best Practices for Women Empowerment as well as being recognized for all the efforts that are made towards women empowerment.

The establishment of Grand Hyatt Amman's Green Committee
Inspired by Hyatt’s crucial goal to go green, we constructed the Green Committee this year, which is a project that aims to shed a light on environmental concerns and find possible solutions along with promoting environmental awareness between our employees to encourage the best possible practices within the workplace