Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall FAQs

Get the FAQs on traveling to our beachfront resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Whether you’re visiting for a family vacation or a business incentive trip, our luxury retreat has everything you need to relax, unwind and make lasting memories. Here are some travel tips to help you make the most of our all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall resort, from reserving your beach cabana to upgrading your room. 

Q: Which restaurants are best for big parties?

A: Currently all of our restaurants operate on a walk -in basis and do not require dinner reservations. The restaurants are set up with tables of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Q: What bars have top shelf liquor?

A: StirZ Bar (Lobby Bar), Fez Bar (Roof Top Bar), and Club Lounge (Club Access Only) have top shelf liquor available.

Q: What varieties of wines and liquors are offered?

A: We offer Amaranta Wine (Red/White) and Contenda Wine (Red/White). All bars have premium and non-premium liquor available.

Q: Which rooms have butler service?

A: Ziva Ocean View Butler Junior Suites, Ziva One Bedroom Butler Suites (Ocean View, Swim Up or Ocean Front) and Ziva Presidential Suite all offer butler service.

Q: Can you exchange privileges with Zilara Rose Hall?

A: As a Ziva guest, you only have access to the Ziva property and its included amenities and facilities.

Q: Are there pool/beach cabanas?

A: Yes. Cabana rentals can be arranged at the Concierge. Pool cabanas are US$89.00, water cabanas (set in the smaller pool) and beach cabanas are US$99.00.

Q: How can I upgrade to Club Level?

A: Guests can upgrade to Club Level upon request prior to or upon arrival to our all-inclusive Jamaican resort. The status of the room upgrade, however, is based on availability. 

Q: Is pre arrival check-in available?

A: No, pre arrival check-in is not available.

Q: Can we use our country’s standard currency?

A: The currency used within the resort is USD, and USD and JMD is accepted island wide. Foreign exchange rates may vary and change on a daily basis.

Q: Is money necessary for anything on property?

A: Upon arrival, the credit card which is attached during the check-in process is used to settle any charges during your stay, at check-out.

Q: What is the smoking policy?

A: Hyatt Zilara & Ziva properties are all non-smoking resorts. Smoking is prohibited within the constraints of the building, however it is allowed beyond 10m from the building.

Q: What types of beer are available?

A: Red Stripe Beer, Red Stripe Light Beer, Heineken Beer, and Red Stripe Lemon Beer are offered at the property.

Q: I am traveling in a large group, how can I ensure our rooms will be close by to each other?

A: The request for connecting rooms or rooms close by can be done during the reservation process. The request is accommodated based on availability, and is confirmed upon arrival.

Q: Upon arrival, can I upgrade my room?

A: Yes, the status of your request, however, is based upon availability at the time of your arrival to the resort.

Q: Is the resort wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is wheelchair accessible.

Q: Is it possible to mail items that we purchased back home?

A: Yes. Standard rates and restrictions will apply and is dependent on the terms and conditions of the airline, or courier service of choice.

Q: What laundry and dry cleaning services are available? Can I do laundry myself? What is the cost?

A: There is laundry service available on property. Please check with the Concierge Team for applicable charges.

Q: Does the hotel provide accommodations for people with severe food allergies (gluten free, dairy free)? If so, does the hotel need to be notified ahead of time?

A: Yes. We recommend that guests indicate their special dietary needs and restrictions prior to/ immediately upon arrival so that we may make a note of this on their reservation and inform the relevant departments.

Q: Does the resort have options for vegetarians?

A: Yes. We recommend that guests indicate their special dietary needs and restrictions prior to/ immediately upon arrival so that we may make a note of this on their reservation and inform the relevant departments.

Q: Are their age requirements for entering bars on property?

A: You must be eighteen (18) years old to enter any bars on the premises.

Q: Does the resort offer day passes?

A: Yes. The rate is US$125 for access to the property from 11AM to 11PM. This price is subject to change at the discretion of the property, at any time.

Q: Does the hotel provide shuttles or transportation around the local area? If so, what is the cost involved?

A: This service is not complimentary. Transportation outside the property is provided by Island Routes, and we have certified taxis available on-property 24/7.

Q: Are cabanas available for rent? Is there a fee for the cabanas?

A: The rates for Cabana rentals are US$89.00 and US$99.00 for upgraded water Cabanas. These prices are subject to change at the discretion of the property, at any time.

Q: Do any of the restaurants close during certain times of the year?

A: Occasionally, there are restaurant outlets that are closed. This may vary based on occupancy levels.

Q: What is the difference between an Ocean View and an Ocean Front room?

A: Ocean View has an obstructed view; Ocean Front has an unobstructed view.

Q: Is there an ATM at the hotel?

A: There are currently no ATMs on property. However, we do offer a cash advance service through the Front Office, with a 10% service charge.

Q: Are there tours available? If so, what kind? Can you book off-property excursions at the resort?

A: Island Routes, our tour operators, have an exciting list of mildly adventurous, historical and cultural tours and excursions that will be sure to add that extra entertainment to your trip. For information on tours and booking please review their Activities brochure. Should you wish to contact them directly, the toll free line is 1-877-768-8370 (8am -8pm EST). Reservations can also be made at the tour desk at the property upon arrival.

Q: Are all spa treatments included? If not, what is the general price and can they be booked in advance?

A: All Spa treatments are considered incidentals, and require an additional charge.

Q: Can I choose my room online?

A: No, rooms are assigned when you arrive and based on what is available at the time of check-in.

Q: Are the pools heated?

A: The main pools are not heated; however, there are heated Jacuzzis.

Q: Is the resort pet-friendly?

A: No, pets are not allowed at any Hyatt Zilara or Hyatt Ziva property.

Q: Is there babysitting available? If so, is there a fee for babysitting?

A: Currently, babysitting is not offered, but requests are accommodated on a case basis. The standard rate is US$25 per hour per child and US$15.00 for every hour thereafter. The minimum age for babysitting is two (2) years old, and the maximum number of children per babysitter is two (2).

Q: What are the transportation options to and from Montego Bay airport?

A: After clearing customs, please visit our Hyatt Lounge and our attentive airport agents will assist you in boarding the first available shuttle to the resort. Your flight departure details provided at check-in will be used to organize your departure to Montego Bay airport, with the recommended time to leave the resort being 3 hours in advance of your flight. Please note that there is a cost for shuttle service at US$33 roundtrip for ages 13 and older and half price for 3-12 years roundtrip.

Q: Are there balconies in all rooms?

A: All rooms above the 2nd floors of any building have balconies.

Q: Are there any restaurants open late at night?

A: Most specialty cuisines restaurants are open between the hours of 6:00PM – 10:00PM. Union Jack’Z (UK Sports Pub) serves food between 6:00PM – 10:00PM, and has live music between 11:00PM – 2:00AM.

Q: Do you offer rates that are not all-inclusive?

A: No, the resort is entirely all-inclusive.

Q: Do you have any unique offerings for birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons?

A: We offer a number of amenity options ranging from floral arrangements, private dinners, food amenities, room set-ups, and romantic in-room services. Options are recommended on a case basis. For further details please contact the Concierge Team.

Q: Does the resort have a swim up bar?

A: Yes, just float over and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Q: What type of liquor is included within the rooms?

A: Red Stripe Beer is the only type of liquor included within the rooms.

Q: What types of vodka are offered on property?

A: A wide variety of vodkas –from flavored and plain - are offered.

Q: What are the dress code requirements?

A: Resort casual (no tank tops; no flip flops) is required for BraZil, ChoiceZ, CalypZo, Di RoZa, BiteZ and Union Jack’Z. Casual elegant is required for FuZion – long dress pants for men only.

Q: Do you offer private dinners in-room or on the beach?

A: Yes. Private Candlelight Dinners start at US$125 per person based on location. The Oceanside Gazebo and Pier Gazebo are at US$150 per person. The cost per person includes dinner, location cost and service charges. These prices are subject to change at the discretion of the property, at any time.

Q: Are reservations needed for any of the restaurants on property?

A: Currently, all of our restaurants operate on a first come, first serve basis and do not require dinner reservations.

Q: Are kids allowed at every restaurant? Are there any restrictions?

A: Children have access to all specialty restaurants on the Ziva side. However, they are not allowed to dine at the Zilara exclusive restaurants – Petit PariZ, HorZion and FlavourZ.

Q: Do you offer photography on property? Would this need to be planned in advance?

A: On-property we currently have an excellent photography team, Aquasun, who are superb in capturing those once in a lifetime moments. They offer a variety of rates and packages, starting as low as US$16. Appointments can be made at their desk upon arrival to the resort. They can also be contacted directly at 1 (876) 849-8747 or via email.

Q: What is the best way to contact the hotel directly?

A: Tel: (876) 618-1234 or via e-mail.