Dining in Florence has always been a convivial affair. At IL Tornabuoni, we are all about fine food and wine - always in good company. A visit to the Renaissance city wouldn’t be complete without experiencing magnificent cuisine, characterized by delicious seasonal ingredients and distinctly rich flavors. Nor would it be a true Italian experience without a complete list of huge Champaign and Super Tuscan wines, artisanal cocktails and of course, some bubbly. We invite you to savor it all amongst IL Tornabuoni’s five spectacular venues.


IL Magnifico Restaurant
Il Tornabuoni Il Magnifico

The walls of Il Magnifico Ristorante sparkle with brass which ebbs into wood, immersed as though in the greenery of an imaginary forest.

Take a seat, let yourself be charmed by our welcome cocktail inspired by international classics and allow the unexpected to unfold around you. A spectacle of eclectic cuisine celebrating the extraordinary flavours of Italian ingredients is presented via unique and enthusiastic flavour profiles.

Imagine the noblest Italian food and wine traditions fused with exotic scents - captivations and reverberations that come to us from afar and far away they lead us. The wine list acts as a counterpoint to the menu, with its roots deeply entrenched in the very best of Tuscany and complemented by the noble wines of Burgundy.

Just like Lucrezia's favourite son, Il Magnifico loves art in all its expressions: dance, theatre, music, everything that vibrates in the depths of the soul is welcome, ensuring guests are left with unforgettable memories and an insatiable desire to return.


Everyday Breakfast 7.30 - 10.30
All Day dining 12.30 - 22.30

IL Magnifico Cafè
Il Tornabuoni Il Magnifico Cafe

Confronting an endless ocean of feelings, one can write a novel or a haiku.

Like a poet, Il Magnifico Café narrates Il Tornabuoni with extraordinary imminence, capturing fragments and abridging them into a stylish concept within an intimate and refined all-day atmosphere. From breakfast to teatime with small patisserie - in homage to the British tradition, from aperitivi to the most sophisticated of after-dinners, the experience is accompanied by a curated and ambitious wine list, an international cocktail philosophy, a refined bistro-inspired cuisine and eclectic and cultured DJ sets. ll Magnifico Café is an intimate treasure chest which holds infinite opportunities to experience epicurean pleasures and enjoy life’s precious moments.


Everyday Breakfast - Lunch - Aperitivo - Dinner
7.30 -23.00

Lucie Gourmet Restaurant
Il Tornabuoni Lucie Restaurant
Sitting at Il Magnifico, the whole world revolves around you. Crossing the threshold of Lucie, on the other hand, is like embarking on an ancient luxury train and setting off on an evocative, cinematic and dreamlike journey filled with food and wine. We leave behind the obvious, the expected, the aristocratic-culinary routine and radically change the scene to immerse ourselves in a gourmet culinary concept of the highest level. Abandon yourself in an emotional dimension of taste, an experience to live and relive. Attention to detail is imperative and it is how we distinguish ourselves: in our dishes, with our service, and in our cellar. And while you sit and appreciate a molecular cocktail, in the company of a few, very few other passengers, enjoy the rare opportunity to exchange words and gestures, to whisper, to smile intimately at the people who accompany you on this sensual and satisfying journey.
The Butterfly Terrace
Il Tornabuoni Butterfly Terrace

With a graceful swoop of the wings, we climb high into the sky to watch over Florence and its ancient rooftops. The Butterfly Terrace patiently waits for us there. The experience is breath-taking: a horizon of unparalleled history to be enjoyed in total relaxation, accompanied by our bartender’s signature cocktails and wines from a prestigious and curated wine list, as is the tradition at Il Tornabuoni.

The Butterfly is a suspended haven where one can settle in to meet and converse or simply indulge in live acoustic nuances, amongst jazz and song, while the sun sets with golden reflections on the ancient Florentine residences.

La Cave
La Cave Seating

There was a time when tailor shops, especially those in Florence, were places filled with magic, small exclusive clubs where one could cultivate and maintain the joy of meeting others, the exchange of experiences and dreams, the cult of beauty, and enjoy the distinction of such details.

In those shops, they created lines drawn on precious designs as a metaphor for society and the passing of time.

La Cave brings with it that same fragrance, atmosphere and immortal appeal: it is the tailor who presents each individual their own bespoke suit.

The charming and generous architecturally unique space presents a skilful balance between history and innovation with the ability to host corporate meetings and events, celebrations, and fashion, art, music and entertainment events.

Ideas, visions and desires come to life thanks to the tailor’s wisdom.