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The Balneum Spa Packages at Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa

Chinese Programmes

Benefit from the enduring wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, personal herbal and nutritional counselling, and our spiritual programmes.  These authentic Chinese wellness experiences provide long-lasting results to promote optimal well-being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation

First-time guests are encouraged to schedule a consultation with our Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.  The doctor is available to discuss any personal health issue, provide a medical evaluation to determine potential health risk factors, and recommend a personalised programme of treatment, and Chinese herbal nutrition.

60 minutes CNY280

Chinese Herbal Consultation

Receive the information you need to be well and eat well.  Topics include Chinese herbs and food choices, easy ways to eat well and the food combinations best suited to your lifestyle.  We recommend completing a food diary prior to arrival to optimise the value of this session.

60 minutes CNY220

Spiritual Programmes

Using such practices as MeditationTai Chi and Qi Gong, our guides will help you quiet the chattering mind, and you will discover how to listen to the hidden intelligence of your subconscious mind.  As many of our guests discover, this hidden intelligence often knows more about what we truly need than our conscious self does.

Tai Chi 60 minutes – CNY180

Qi Gong 60 minutes – CNY180

The Balneum Two Day Retreat

Purity, Balance, Flow
2 days CNY5,800

The Two-Day Retreat is designed for those seeking relief from the accumulated stresses of daily life, and include The Balneum Sequence of Purity, Balance and Flow to promote and maintain your well-being. Each day is enhanced with a spiritual programme and healthy spa cuisine before you emerge truly refreshed.

Including one night’s stay in a Hyatt guest room.
(not bookable on-line)

Day 1

  • Private TCM Consultation
  • Balneotherapy
  • Harmonising Body Polish
  • Hydrating Envelopment
  • Jade Stone Massage

Day 2

  • Silica Salt Balneotherapy
  • Balneum Massage
  • Youthful Facial

The Balneum Elemental Retreats

Balneum Elemental Retreats provide complete wellness experiences based on each of the phases in The Balneum Sequence. Following your treatments, relax for an additional hour in the privacy of your personal Balneotherapy suite and enjoy exclusive amenities including a private steam room and soaking tub as well as a taste of our healthy spa cuisine.


Renewing the body with a sacred Chinese treasure, we harmonise body and mind to promote health and radiance.

  • Harmonising Body Polish
  • Jade Stone Massage

Total treatment time 2 hours - CNY 1280


It is said that the best way to live is to be like water. Let go, flow and allow vital energy to move freely throughout your body.

  • Balneum Massage
  • Nourishing Facial

Total treatment time 3 hours – CNY1680

The Balneum Essential Retreats

Choose a Balneum Essential Retreat based on your desired results in The Balneum Sequence and enjoy a taste of healthy spa cuisine following your treatments.


Let us cleanse and restore your body with purifying therapies to relieve stress and tired muscles.

  • Tui Na Massage
  • Abdominal Detox Therapy

2 hours - CNY980


Beginning with a comprehensive TCM consultation, a series with treatments of treatments will be selected to renew your well-being.

3 hours – price varies with treatments