our story

A true original captures the moment by studying the past to define the future. It embraces meaningful contradictions, combining the best of high and low. The classic and the contemporary. The world-renowned and the underground. For the last 20 years, Thompson Hotels have sought to be a true original. Ever since we debuted on the NYC cobblestone streets of SoHo, our mission has been to connect those seeking good conversations with authentic experiences that actually say something. And today, we continue to curate a side of local culture that is infinitely singular and open to being explored.


Luxury design should be an ethos, not a rulebook. Iconoclastic designers break the mold at Thompson Hotels, creating extraordinary spaces where social meets the best of cultural. These world-renowned designers juxtapose timeless classics against modern edge and bring layered, high-end residential styling to our hotel spaces. The result — a look that is striking and unique, yet comfortably familiar, that imbues each space with an authentic and unmistakably casual sense of luxury.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightlife

The social buzz of Thompson Hotels’ signature spaces intrigues guests and neighbors alike. With renowned and award-winning chefs at the helm of creative culinary and cocktail menus, our restaurants and bars are where you can come to connect, converse, and immerse yourself in the energy of the local scene.

Culture Shifters

Thompson Hotels are infused with local culture and in turn brought to life by well-known and emerging talents who are shifting today’s cultural landscape. Our thoughtfully crafted, in-the-moment experiences and partnerships connect you with creatives who are flourishing in and around Thompson Hotels, bringing an authentic expression of local culture to each destination. Check out these immersive activations conceived by culture shifters.