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New Orleans is a living story. Walls talk. Menus speak. Street corners sing. Now, an new chapter unfolds within the walls of The Eliza Jane.

Before the most recent transformation, a quartet of historic buildings stood as one New Orleans’s countless architectural and economic heirlooms. Liquor, gunpowder, and a warehouse for city’s famed Daily Picayune newspaper, were once housed where the hotel now stands, emblazoning the walls around you with an ideal blend of revelry and notoriety.

This is where a fiery-haired poet-turned-heiress, Mrs. Eliza Jane Nicholson, became the country’s first woman publisher who successfully turned a local penny paper into a national institution.

Beyond such legendary storytelling, 315 Magazine Street was also home to the original mixologist himself, Antoine Peychaud, who packaged his infamous ruby Peychaud’s bitters right on site.

Your visit adds another intriguing story to a place so rich with legend and inspiration, you’re likely to leave with a few epic tales of your own.

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