Enjoy a Hyatt Hotel Experience in Coral Gables, FL

Trying to shift between sightseeing, working, and relaxing isn’t easy. When you're visiting Coral Gables, leave your hotel stay to the experts at Hyatt — a top choice among hotel brands in Coral Gables.

Enjoy a Hyatt Hotel Experience in Coral Gables, FL

Trying to shift between sightseeing, working, and relaxing isn’t easy. When you're visiting Coral Gables, leave your hotel stay to the experts at Hyatt — a top choice among hotel brands in Coral Gables.

Top Rated Hotels

Hyatt Regency Coral Gables
[{"info":{"spiritCode":"coral","name":"Hyatt Regency Coral Gables","wrappingName":"Hyatt Regency Coral Gables","shortName":"Coral Gables","gpCategory":"3","brand":"regency","suppressBrandLogo":false,"excludeFromBrandFilter":false,"propertySiteUrl":"https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/florida/hyatt-regency-coral-gables/coral","showBrandLogo":true},"detail":{"description":"Spanish-style resort near dining; stay 4 miles from Miami"},"thumbnails":{"desktop":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2017/09/21/1250/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.jpg/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.16x9.jpg","tablet":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2017/09/21/1250/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.jpg/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.16x9.jpg","mobile":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2017/09/21/1250/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.jpg/Hyatt-Regency-Coral-Gables-P105-Outdoor-Pool.4x3.jpg"},"address":{"city":"Coral Gables","country":"United States","region":"North America","regionGroup":{"code":"1-NorthAmerica","name":"United States & Canada"},"countryDisplay":"United States"},"location":{"latitude":25.75218114754,"longitude":-80.2555561065},"amenities":[{"key":"FREE_INTERNET","label":"Free Internet Access","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"RESTAURANT_ONSITE","label":"Restaurant On-Site","featured":true,"validFrom":"2020-09-17","status":"ACTIVE","specialAnnouncement":"Limited dining options"},{"key":"ROOM_SERVICE","label":"Room Service","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"FITNESS_CENTER","label":"Fitness Center","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"POOL","label":"Pool","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"PET_FRIENDLY","label":"Pet-Friendly","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"DIGITAL_KEY","label":"Digital Key","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"DIGITAL_CHECK_IN","label":"Digital Check-In","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"BUSINESS_SERVICES","label":"Business Services","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"LAUNDRY","label":"Laundry","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"CONCIERGE","label":"Concierge","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"MEETING_FACILITIES","label":"Meeting Facilities","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"}],"extraAmenities":8,"extraAmenitiesTitle":"\n- Free Internet Access\n- Restaurant On-Site\n- Room Service\n- Fitness Center\n- Pool\n- Pet-Friendly\n- Digital Key\n- Digital Check-In\n- Business Services\n- Laundry\n- Concierge\n- Meeting Facilities","hotelRating":{"verifiedRating":"4.0","verifiedNumReviews":"734","rating":"4.0","numReviews":"2070","class":"b-stars-40"},"rate":{"rate":269,"usdRate":269,"currencyCode":"USD"}}]

The Right Price for the Right Hotel Room in Coral Gables

As a leader in global hospitality, Hyatt offers a unique experience for all types of guests. We have diverse offerings to accommodate everyone from families and couples to corporate travelers and wedding groups. Because of our wide room selection, Hyatt hotels in Coral Gables are a top choice among travelers in Florida. Book your Coral Gables hotel stay on hyatt.com for competitive hotel room prices in Florida. Need more reasons to reserve a room in Coral Gables now? We’ve got you — get more details on Coral Gables hotel amenities that'll make your trip one to remember.

Create New Memories at Family-Friendly Hotels in Coral Gables

Make the most out of your stay in Coral Gables at a conveniently located hotel that has thoughtfully designed, family-friendly benefits like rooms that directly adjoin and in-room WiFi so you can stay connected with loved ones back at home. Depending on which hotel in Coral Gables you choose, you may also find an outdoor or indoor pool with a slide or other water activities, and a relaxing hot tub for the grownups.

Our world-class family hotels and resorts are designed with all members in mind. Reserve a hotel suite in Coral Gables and enjoy privacy with a separate bedroom and more space to relax. Wind down after a long day with a hot shower and luxurious toiletries. Take some "me time" with a soft bathrobe and your favorite book, and let yourself fall asleep in a cozy armchair or freshly made bed.

With several family-friendly hotels in Coral Gables, Hyatt has choices to meet your needs. Neighboring rooms are a great option for maximizing your time together, If you need any extras – like another blanket or a few extra towels, let us know. All you need to do is call the front desk, and our dedicated staff will take care of you. We're prepared, so you don't have to be. At select Hyatt hotels in Coral Gables, we have items such as booster seats, humidifiers, and even yoga mats for you to use throughout your stay.

Your Search for Business Hotels in Coral Gables Ends Here

You might only be in the beginning stages of planning your next business trip, but you won't have to search any longer for a Coral Gables hotel room that meets your needs. With conveniences like fast WiFi, tasty breakfast choices, and an updated, versatile fitness center, Hyatt hotels in Coral Gables are here to help you strike the perfect balance between business and leisure — all while staying within your corporate travel budget without compromising the quality of your hotel stay.

At Hyatt hotels, you’ll find business-friendly rates for simple yet comfortable rooms in Coral Gables. Choose the custom room and upgrades you need to make the most of your trip.

To help you get more done, our Coral Gables convention hotel offers business spaces like boardrooms with dependable WiFi, meeting rooms, and large ballrooms. If you've invited clients or other business affiliates to join you for meetings, our staff can care for your important guests by serving delightful appetizers and offering drink services as it suits you. Impress guests, partners, and clients at your next out-of-town event or local cocktail hour by choosing a Coral Gables hotel that's thoughtfully designed for organizations just like yours.

A Top Hotel in Coral Gables for Couples & Adventurers

Make Coral Gables your next vacation destination. Whether you’re here for a week of thrill-seeking vacation or a relaxing romantic weekend, a Hyatt hotel in Coral Gables can help make your trip everything you want it to be.

Take a vacation on your own terms, with a Coral Gables hotel experience that can support high-energy adventures, quiet lounge days, and everything in between. What does your ideal vacation look like — sleeping in until brunch time or enjoying delicious foods with your loved ones by your side? Or, do you prefer to fly solo and get to know Coral Gables for a few days, learning as much as you can about the local culture and lifestyle in Coral Gables? Our conveniently located hotel in Coral Gables brings you close to the local action, while our exclusive amenities give you a perfect excuse to stay in and treat yourself.

From welcoming lobbies with Coral Gables charm to modern rooms with plush bedding, you can reserve the ideal Coral Gables hotel room for both your travel tastes and your wallet. Find a great hotel room in Coral Gables with Hyatt.

Say “I Do” to a Fantastic Wedding Venue in Coral Gables

Want to plan an unforgettable Coral Gables wedding? At Hyatt, our in-house wedding planners are here to help you coordinate with vendors and set up the ceremony room of your dreams. For your reception, our beautiful Coral Gables ballrooms and event spaces can comfortably host all of your guests — whether your celebration is large or small.

Our consultants have your back for all things wedding-related. They'll introduce you to our pastry chef, who will craft your perfect cake, then guide you as you narrow down your wedding menu selections for a delicious meal. Plus, with our event staging and audiovisual services, including custom dance floors, lighting, and photo slideshows, we can help put the “special” in your special day. Need even more reasons to have your wedding with Hyatt? Our added wedding perks have made our properties some of the top hotels for Coral Gables wedding parties. After your wedding, extend the party with a morning-after brunch for you and your guests, or take advantage of exclusive honeymoon packages for your first vacation as a married couple.

Hotel Room Blocks for Coral Gables Weddings

For out-of-town guests or those who prefer to have a convenient place to stay after your wedding, reserve a hotel block in Coral Gables. To make it easy for all involved, you’ll want to find comfortable yet appropriately priced hotels that are close to your reception. To reserve a custom room block in Coral Gables call Hyatt hotels to inquire about group rates, room availability, and additional services such as in-room welcome bag delivery and transportation to and from your wedding venue. You may also have access to our Passkey Room Block Manager, which allows you to monitor reservations and check-ins online.

Find One of the Best Places to Stay in Coral Gables

Plenty of properties may claim that they have great hotels in Coral Gables, but when it's time to plan your trip, you get to choose where to stay in Coral Gables. At Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, we care for people so they can be their best. From our friendly staff to our selection of room options, everything you'll find at Hyatt supports that simple goal. Book your Coral Gables hotel room through hyatt.com to access great rates for your stay.