Enjoy a Hyatt Hotel Experience in Windsor, CT

Trying to shift between sightseeing, working, and relaxing isn’t easy. When you're visiting Windsor, leave your hotel stay to the experts at Hyatt — a top choice among hotel brands in Windsor.

Enjoy a Hyatt Hotel Experience in Windsor, CT

Trying to shift between sightseeing, working, and relaxing isn’t easy. When you're visiting Windsor, leave your hotel stay to the experts at Hyatt — a top choice among hotel brands in Windsor.

Top Rated Hotels

Hyatt House Hartford North-Windsor
[{"info":{"spiritCode":"bdlxw","name":"Hyatt House Hartford North-Windsor","wrappingName":"Hyatt House Hartford North-Windsor","shortName":"Hartford North/Windsor","gpCategory":"2","brand":"house","suppressBrandLogo":false,"excludeFromBrandFilter":false,"propertySiteUrl":"https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/connecticut/hyatt-house-hartford-north-windsor/bdlxw","showBrandLogo":true},"detail":{"description":"\u003ctable border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" width=\"833\" style=\"width: 625pt;\">\n\u003ctbody>\u003ctr height=\"19\" style=\"height: 14.4pt;\">\n \u003ctd height=\"19\" width=\"833\" style=\"height: 14.4pt; width: 625pt;\">For extended stays;\n 9 miles to downtown & 5 miles to\n airport.\u003c/td>\n\u003c/tr>\u003c/tbody>\u003c/table>\n"},"thumbnails":{"desktop":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2020/01/15/1145/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.jpg/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.16x9.jpg","tablet":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2020/01/15/1145/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.jpg/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.16x9.jpg","mobile":"https://assets.hyatt.com/content/dam/hyatt/hyattdam/images/2020/01/15/1145/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.jpg/Hyatt-House-Hartford-North-Windsor-P054-Two-Bedroom-Trio-King-Guestroom.4x3.jpg"},"address":{"city":"Windsor","country":"United States","region":"North America","regionGroup":{"code":"1-NorthAmerica","name":"United States & Canada"},"countryDisplay":"United States"},"location":{"latitude":41.870489,"longitude":-72.666688},"amenities":[{"key":"FREE_BREAKFAST","label":"Free Breakfast","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"FREE_INTERNET","label":"Free Internet Access","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"FREE_PARKING","label":"Free Parking","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"FITNESS_CENTER","label":"Fitness Center","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE","specialAnnouncement":"Limited capacity, available by reservation"},{"key":"PET_FRIENDLY","label":"Pet Friendly","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"DIGITAL_KEY","label":"Digital Key","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"DIGITAL_CHECK_IN","label":"Digital Check-In","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"BUSINESS_SERVICES","label":"Business Services","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"LAUNDRY","label":"Laundry","featured":false,"status":"ACTIVE"},{"key":"MEETING_FACILITIES","label":"Meeting Facilities","featured":true,"status":"ACTIVE"}],"extraAmenities":6,"extraAmenitiesTitle":"\n- Free Breakfast\n- Free Internet Access\n- Free Parking\n- Fitness Center\n- Pet Friendly\n- Digital Key\n- Digital Check-In\n- Business Services\n- Laundry\n- Meeting Facilities","hotelRating":{"verifiedRating":"4.5","verifiedNumReviews":"487","rating":"4.5","numReviews":"852","class":"b-stars-45"},"rate":{"rate":139,"usdRate":139,"currencyCode":"USD"}}]

Get What You Need From a Hotel Room in Windsor

With more than 60 years of experience in hospitality, Hyatt has what it takes to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Offering rates and benefits catered to families, business travelers, couples, and even wedding parties, Hyatt hotels in Windsor are a top choice among travelers in Connecticut. Set up your stay at a Windsor hotel on hyatt.com for great rates on hotel rooms in Connecticut. If that's not a good enough reason to reserve a room in Windsor now, get more details on Windsor hotel amenities that'll make your trip one to remember.

Create New Memories at Family-Friendly Hotels in Windsor

Make the most out of your stay in Windsor at a conveniently located hotel that has thoughtfully designed, family-friendly benefits like rooms that directly adjoin and teenager-endorsed in-room WiFi. Some hotels in Windsor have a kid-friendly pool with a water slide or splash pad, and a relaxing hot tub for the grownups.

The kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun. Reserve a hotel suite in Windsor and enjoy privacy with a separate bedroom and more space to relax. Pamper yourself with our premium complimentary soaps and shampoos. Then, read a book or catch up on your favorite show in the comfort of a plush bathrobe, and snuggle into a pile of plush pillows when it's time for lights-out.

If you need a family-friendly hotel in Windsor for a larger group, Hyatt can offer rooms to accommodate all ages and groups both large and small. Adjoining hotel rooms allow you to keep cousins just a door knock away, Need something else, like a portable crib for the baby or more pillows? Call our front desk, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist. If you should forget to pack something important, Hyatt is here to assist. At select Hyatt hotels in Windsor, we have items such as booster seats, humidifiers, and even yoga mats for you to use throughout your stay.

Your Search for Business Hotels in Windsor Ends Here

Even if you've only just begun planning your next work travel experience, you won't have to search any longer for a Windsor hotel room that meets your needs. With amenities like free WiFi, tasty breakfast choices, and an updated, versatile fitness center, Hyatt hotels in Windsor can help you balance productivity and relaxation — that works within your financial agenda.

Hyatt offers business-friendly rates for comfortable hotels in Windsor so you can always be at your best, no matter what the day holds. Reserve a room that's tailored to your specific trip's purpose and length.

To ensure you can be productive away from the office, our Windsor convention hotel has multi-use rooms such as professional meeting rooms, spacious ballrooms, and WiFi-enabled boardrooms. If you've invited clients or other business affiliates to join you for meetings, our staff can care for your important guests by serving delightful appetizers and offering drink services as it suits you. Impress guests, partners, and clients at your next out-of-town event or local cocktail hour by choosing a Windsor hotel that's thoughtfully designed for organizations just like yours.

A Great Hotel for Couples & Vacationers in Windsor, CT

Are you visiting Windsor on your next getaway? Whether you're ready to explore a place you've never been or just want to unwind with your significant other for a weekend, you're sure to find a Hyatt hotel in Windsor that has everything you're looking for.

Your vacation is time for you, so choose a Windsor hotel that can support high-energy adventures, quiet lounge days, and everything in between. Is your definition of a getaway relaxing with a refreshment in hand and your partner by your side? Or, do you prefer to fly solo and get to know Windsor for a few days, feeding your wanderlust while feasting exclusively on local cuisine? With our conveniently located Windsor hotel, you don't have to choose. You'll be just a few minutes away from the new experiences you crave, and our abundant amenities will be there for those days when you'd rather lay low and pamper yourself.

From welcoming lobbies with Windsor charm to modern rooms with plush bedding, you have the power to choose a place to stay in Windsor that suits your preferences and your budget. Book a great hotel room in Windsor when you choose Hyatt.

Walk Down the Aisle at a Wonderful Wedding Venue in Windsor

Ready to organize the Windsor wedding you've been dreaming of? At Hyatt, our wedding planners and event staff can't wait to help you craft the beautiful wedding ceremony you've always imagined. Ready to say “I Do?” Hyatt offers premium ballrooms and elegant event spaces in Windsor for large and small weddings alike.

Our talented wedding consultants can take the worry out of your big day. They'll introduce you to our pastry chef, who will craft your perfect cake, then guide you as you narrow down your wedding menu selections for a delicious meal. When you add in our additional event services, like lighting, photo slideshows, and customized dance floor options, your wedding can be the celebration of a lifetime. Our top-quality wedding services make Hyatt hotels a top choice among Connecticut's hotels for Windsor wedding parties, but the perks don't stop there. We can round out your celebration with a morning-after brunch with guests or a special honeymoon package for you and your partner.

Reserve Windsor Hotel Room Blocks for Your Wedding Guests

If you're considering reserving a hotel block in Windsor for your wedding guests, you’ll want to find comfortable yet appropriately priced hotels that are close to your reception. For customized room blocks in Windsor, contact Hyatt hotels for more information about availability for your desired dates, group hotel rates, and other services like transportation to and from your wedding and in-room delivery of welcome gifts for your guests. Select Hyatt properties offer access to our Passkey Room Block Manager, which can show you reservations and check-ins from an online platform.

Choose One of the Best Places to Stay in Windsor

Plenty of properties may claim that they have great hotels in Windsor, but in the end, it's up to you to decide where to stay in Windsor and what to do when you arrive. At Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, we care for people so they can be at their best. From our friendly staff to our selection of room options, everything you'll find at Hyatt supports that simple goal. Book your Windsor hotel room through hyatt.com to access great rates for your stay.