Experience wellbeing at Hyatt

Experience wellbeing at Hyatt

At Hyatt, our purpose is to care for people so they can be their best—and we believe wellbeing is the ultimate realization of our purpose—placing it at the heart of our business across all of our brands and stakeholders. For the wellbeing of our colleagues, guests, customers, and owners, we’ve invested in an ever-evolving collection of experiences, collaborations, and unique offerings across our portfolio of hotels worldwide.

Our holistic approach is focused on our three landmarks of wellbeing: Feel, Fuel, and Function. We recognize that wellbeing is personal, and looks different for everyone, which is why we are committed to putting you and what matters most to you at the center of what we do. Our experiences are designed to meet you where you are, foster deeper connections with oneself and those around you, and enhance your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing—whether it be at home or while traveling.


At Miraval Resorts, you’ll find a sanctuary of custom experiences to help you create a life in balance. Discover unique wellness retreats that will help you renew your spirit so you can feel your best.
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Through our collaboration with Headspace, World of Hyatt Members can enjoy curated mindfulness and sleep exercises with the World of Hyatt app, as well as in-room guided meditations at participating Hyatt hotels.
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Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.
We are proud of our industry-leading effort to provide food and beverages that are good for our people, our planet and our communities.
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Hyatt Spas
Choose from more than 100 Hyatt spas worldwide offering unique treatments and facilities.
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Relax and Conquer
Wellness Retreats Stories are a curated collection of 30+ hotels and resorts where worry and want dare not enter.
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Safety First, Wellbeing Always
Your safety and wellbeing remain our top priority, now more than ever. Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment builds on our existing rigorous safety and cleanliness protocols.
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Less Contact, More Care
We’re bringing more flexibility and peace of mind to your stay, from check-in to dining and more. Our World of Hyatt app can help ensure that care remains at the heart of your stay—so that contactless always means thoughtfulness.
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Together by Hyatt
We’re better together. That’s why we’ve developed Together by Hyatt, a new approach to events to help bring people together again with a deeper sense of trust, connection, and wellbeing.
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Gifts of Gratitude
Expressing gratitude is a small action that enhances our wellbeing. We encourage you to use our Gifts of Gratitude platform to digitally send a note of gratitude to anyone in the world.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Join us in taking action in the fight against racial injustice and inequality.
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We are committed to environmental action so that destinations around the world are vibrant for our guests, colleagues, and communities.
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Caring for Our Colleagues
We care for our colleagues so they can be their best selves to care for you.
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Discover an array of experiences, collaborations, and unique offerings across the portfolio of Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide.