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Xi’an Urban Memories Museum

Keji Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, China

Located in Daduhui, surrounded by independent boutiques and coffee shops, Xi’an Urban Memories Museum collates photos, videos and objects related to everyday life and culture. The museum also collaborates with local artists to put on exhibitions.

2.6 mi / 4.3 km away

3511 TFEP

2 Minjie Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, China

Built in 1949 for the army and once the largest towel factory in China, this space has since been redeveloped into a community hub and creative center, housing a bookstore, café, restaurants, boutique shops and a flower market.

3.0 mi / 4.8 km away

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

72 Youyi West Road, Beilin District, Xi'an, China

Built in 709 during the Tang dynasty, the brick-framed Small Wild Goose Pagoda comprises 15 tiers and stands 43 meters tall. It mirrors the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda to the southeast but is a more tranquil experience. Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

4.8 mi / 7.7 km away

Shaanxi History Museum

91 Xiaozhai East Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, China

Explore this 65,000 square meter museum so see 370,000 ancient artifacts from China’s former imperial capital of Shaanxi. Highlights include its Shang and Zhou dynasty bronzes and Tang dynasty murals. Regarded as ‘the pearl of the ancient city and treasury of the Huaxia civilization,’ the Shaanxi History Museum is the art pavilion to curate and exhibit Shaanxi’s historical culture and ancient Chinese civilization.

5.1 mi / 8.2 km away

Laohejia Marinade Bean Jelly

28 Xiaoxuexi East Lane, Lianhu District, Xi'an, China

Simple eatery specializing in marinade bean jelly, a traditional local delicacy comprising bean jelly, steamed bun, egg and preserved egg in a prized chili-sesame sauce. Laohejia is considered the best in town and well worth trying.

5.4 mi / 8.6 km away

Xicang Market / Bird Market

East of Xicang West Lane and Xicang North Lane, Xi'an, China

Since the Ming Dynasty, Xicang Market has been where locals have flocked to buy flowers, birds, fish and insects. Today, on Thursdays and Sundays, you will still find these items alongside antiques, paintings, carvings and secondhand trinkets.

5.6 mi / 9.0 km away

Qingqu Theater (Drum Tower Theater)

55 Zhubashi, Beilin District, Xi'an, China

A theater dedicated to xiangsheng or crosstalk—comedic Chinese banter and performance art, popular among young locals. A platform for veteran artists from the five northwestern provinces.

5.6 mi / 9.0 km away

Liujixiao Marinated Beef & Mutton Shop

187 Beiguangji Street, Lianhu District, Xi'an, China

Popular store specializing in high-quality dry-cured beef and mutton, a beloved local specialty, especially during the Lunar New Year. Expect to queue.

5.6 mi / 9.1 km away

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuanmen Street, Xi'an, China

By the Yongninmen (South Gate) of the city walls, pedestrianized Shuyuanmen Street retains distinct Ming and Qing dynasty architectural elements. Shop for paintings, jade, curios, handicrafts and calligraphy accessories and commission rhyming couplets.

5.6 mi / 9.1 km away

Guangren Temple

152 West North 1st Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an, China

Elaborate Tibetan Buddhist temple, originally built in 1705. Treasures include one of only two statues of 12-year-old Buddha in the world, the largest Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy in the province, and the only Hall of a Thousand Buddhas in China.

5.8 mi / 9.3 km away

Xi’an Yisushe Cultural District

282 Xiyi Road, Xincheng District, Xi'an, China

A cultural district that includes China’s oldest Qinqiang folk opera theatre, opera and theatre museums, the Bell Tower Bookstore, traditional restaurants and Dongbangge—an entire nostalgic block transporting visitors back to 1980s Xi’an.

6.0 mi / 9.6 km away

Shaanxi Archaeological Museum

Northeast side of the intersection of Wenyuan South Road and Zhongnan Avenue, Chang‘an District, Xi'an, China

The first of its kind in China, the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum spans 36,000 square meters and houses over 5,200 finds, from 4,000-year-old stone relics of the prehistoric city ruins of Shimao to artifacts from the mausoleums of imperial emperors.

6.2 mi / 9.9 km away
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