Deira near The Galleria Residences in Dubai

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The Galleria Residence
Deira, PO Box 6655
Al Khaleej Road, Deira Corniche
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: + 971 4 209 6000
Fax: + 971 4 209 6794


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Deira situated on the east of the Dubai creek is a charming part of the city. A place that attracts tourist and residents alike. It consists of meandering, narrow streets lined with many small merchants.

The time old creek in Deira has served as a minor port for dhows coming as far away as India or East Africa for centuries. The atmosphere that can be enjoyed at the Dhow Wharfage near the creek, with its numerous merchants selling from fresh vegetables to occasional vehicles can be compared to the original Dubai shopping experience of the past. Alongside the creek, are a number of modern and beautiful commercial buildings.

The world renowned Gold Souk along with the Spice Souk and Textiles Souk are located in Deira. These quaint souks have wonderfully restored wind towers, the pungent aromas from the jute sacks and sell burners, saffron, rose water, henna kits and sheesha pipes. Tiny shops compete to sell groceries, plastics and other household goods to locals and sailors from the dhows.

In the evenings the atmosphere in Deira is lively. When the sun sets, at the Deira Corniche enjoy some of the most amazing views in Dubai. Watch the fascinating moored trading Dhows, the lit up buildings reflecting in the waters or the hustle bustle of traders unloading aromatic frankincense, dried lemons, chillies or exotic herbs and spices.

Explore Deira, a great destination within Dubai with hidden treasures that will certainly make its visitors happy.