Hyatt Regency Chesapeake River Marsh Marina 38° 33' 89" N
7° 08' 78" W

Rules & Regulations


1. When a boat enters the Marina, the Boat Owner, crew and guests must comply with all rules and regulations set out herein or as amended by Hyatt, from time to time.

2. Only boats, in good condition, and under their own power, shall be admitted to berthing areas. In the event of an emergency during the Boat Owner's absence e.g., breakdown of the bilge pump, leak, bad lines, Hyatt is authorized to make necessary repairs as economically as possible which will be charged to the Boat Owner.

3. Courteous and considerate conduct is required on Marina premises at all times.

4. The Rules of the Road and the Navigation Laws of the United States apply to all vessels entering or leaving the Marina.

5. All Boat Owners shall observe the rules of safe boating in the Marina area and in the channel.

6. Boat Owners shall not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on the walkway, docks or finger piers and shall not construct or place any locker, chest cabinets, or similar structures, except with written approval from Hyatt. Painting, scraping or repairing of gear of the boat shall not be permitted on the walkways, docks, or finger piers. The extent of repairs and maintenance, which shall be permitted, shall be the sole discretion of Hyatt.

7. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult when off the boat and when on Hyatt property at all times.

8. Pets shall be kept under control (leashed) and walked in designated areas only. Pets are permitted only if they do not disturb other guests.

9. All trash shall be placed in receptacles provided for the purpose and walkways will be kept clear.

10. It is required that after 11:00 P.M., noise be kept at a level that will not disturb other Hotel or Marina guests.

11. No open flame or barbeque cooking is permitted on the dock or on any boats moored in a slip.

12. Boat Owners are responsible for the complete safety of their boats, including watertight security and appropriate fire prevention provisions.

13. Refuse shall not be thrown overboard. No person shall discharge oil, fuel, spirits, flammable substances or oily bilges into the Marina or any garbage receptacle.

14. Swimming, diving, or fishing is not permitted from the finger piers.

15. Laundry shall not be hung from boats, docks, or finger piers in the Marina.

16. "For Sale" signs shall not be put on boats.

17. Biking, skateboarding or roller blading are not permitted on docks or in the marina area.

18. Boats shall be securely moored in their slips in a manner, which prevents damage to the piers and other boats.

19. For the convenience of others, dock carts must be returned to the Marina store area immediately after use.

20. Sewage Handling

  1. Never discharge raw sewage within Maryland waters
  2. If you have an installed toilet, you must have an approved Marina Sanitation Device.
  3. Do not discharge Type I or Type II marina sanitation devices within the marina basin.
  4. Use marina restroom facilities when at slip.
  5. Do not empty port-a-pots overboard; use marina dump facility.
  6. Do not discharge holding tanks overboard; use pumpout facility.
  7. If you must use a holding tank additive, use an enzyme-based product. Avoid products that contain quaternary ammonium compounds, formaldehyde, formalin, phenal derivatives, alcohol bases, or chlorine bleach.


Violations of any of the above rules or regulations, as amended from time to time, disorder, or indecorous conduct by Boat Owner, his crew or guests, that might injure a person, cause damage to property or harm the reputation of the Marina shall be cause for immediate removal from the Marina of the boat in question.