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Naum Wellness & Spa Treatments at Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya

Price shown in USD. VAT included. An additional service charge of 18, 20 or 22% is suggested.


Pampering mum $189/$275 | 60/90 min

Our experts hands nourish the expectant mother using specialized techniques designed to alleviate areas of discomfort arising during pregnancy. A relaxing, sweet and embracing massage ideal for connecting the mother with her baby, recommended after the first trimester.

Holistic relaxing massage $189/$275 | 60 min

Swedish massage is a great way to pamper you, with gentle movements that release tension and stress from your body, improves the lymphatic system and returns clarity to your mind.

Herbal detox $235 | 75 min

An ancient tecnique ideal to reduce stress and helps to relax muscles with warm pindas balancing your body from the outside to the inside. The blend of herbs have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalizing properties and an aromatherapy effect.

Stone massage $199/$285 | 60/90 min

Induces the flow of vital energy through the stimulation of each of the body’s energy centers, harmonizing your mind, body and spirit, in addition to improving the circulatory system and releasing toxins from the skin.

Deep muscular healing $199/$285 | 60/90 min

A fusion of varying personalized massage techniques which will lead to a deep and total discharge of muscle tension, relieving stiff and aching muscles.

Reflexology $179 |60 min

Healing therapy that involves the stimulation of reflex points in the hands and feet that connects to the body organs. It detects, prevents and improves physical and emotional health.

Focus massage $115 | 30 min

This medium pressure massage focuses on the areas of the body where stress accumulates.

Deep cleansing facial $275 | 90 min

A true antidote against the ravaging effects of our modern lifestyle on our skin. This deeply cleansing facial includes an innovative enzymatic detox, a steam to open and purify pores and a meticulous extraction process, for extraordinarily soft, radiant skin.

Orchid stem cell renewal facial $275 | 90 min

This ultra-revitalizing facial includes a synergistic harmony of moss extract, orchid stem cells, highly mineralized glacier tonics, and cold pressed oils to help reduce visible signs of aging skin. Powerful vitamins, antioxidants, with soothing botanical extracts rapidly firm, tone, hydrate, and boost cellular turnover, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

O2 purifying $199 | 60 min

This exfoliating and invigorating facial treatment energizes your skin cells to activate their function and reveal perfectly hydrated skin. The revitalizing power of pure oxygen decongests and illuminates stressed skin, restoring a healthy natural glow.

Vitamin C $199 | 60 min

Indicated for all skin types including the most damaged. Nourishes at depth, intensively reactivates the synthesis of collagen, reinforces the skin’s own defenses against oxidative damage and regulates the tone leaving it glowing and full of vitality.

Water Lily soothing facial $199 | 60 min

Activate the inner strength of your skin with this prebiotic, revitalizing and renewing treatment, designed to reverse the effects of modern pollution and stress. A detoxifying pause that, thanks to an infusion of purifying, strengthening and repairing ingredients, applied with enveloping massage techniques, reveals a healthy, luminous and protected complexion.

3D collagen shock $199 | 60 min

A powerful regenerative and rejuvenating treatment based on a smart combination of three types of collagen (high, medium and low weight) that exceptionally increases skin firmness. With an incredible lifting and redensifying effect, this innovative facial improves skin density and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines while preserving optimal moisture.

Gentlemen's facial $199 | 60 min

A custom treatment suited for the gentlemen, our men’s facial consists of a two-part exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells while vitamins, minerals, peptides and botanical extracts improve tone, texture and address irritation associated with shaving, all while combating the visible signs of aging skin. A hand and treatment induces deeper relaxation.

Grape Stem Cell & White Tea Hydration Wrap $189 | 60 min

Beginning with a dry brush exfoliation to remove dead skin cells while promoting lymphatic flow throughout the body. Next, grape stem cell, white tea and seaweed body butter is slowly painted for ultimate hydration. A calming scalp massage is given while the body is enveloped for deeper relaxation an excellent treatment for post-sun, dehydrated and aging skin.

Cacao & Coffee Treatment $219 | 75 min

Revitalize your skin and combat stress with this powerful Mayan antioxidant. Cacao and coffee in addition to being delicious delicacies, have the ability to preserve beauty, youth and at the same time relax your mind and senses to immerse yourself in a path of happiness well-being.

After sun treatment $189 | 60 min

Aloe Vera & cucumber perfect combination that helps to hydrates, reduces redness, eases pain, and provides a cooling effect to your skin. It helps to avoid peeling and prolong your tan.

Citrus drentch $189 I 60 min

Drench your skin with energizing nutrients. After an intense and energizing body scrub, the skin is ready to receive the antioxidant and firming benefits of a high concentration of pure Vitamin C that also helps to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Followed by a body wrap that restores elasticity to the skin and provides an intense, deep hydration to protect the skin from dryness and premature aging.

Body scrub $115 | 30 min

Recommended before going to the beach for even tanning and healthier looking skin.

Journey for lovers $596 | 120 min

This ritual begins with a foot scrub that symbolizes the return to the path as a couple, continuing with a 60 min. relaxing massage and end with a 30 min. moisturizing facial.

Love & harmony $479 |90 min

Take a moment to renew the spirit of your love. A full body medium pressure massage with a warm candle creates an environment that invites to rest and relax.

Wellness programs

Yoga Session

$112 | 60 min

Personal Training

$112 | 60 min

Meditation Session

$112 | 60 min

Outdoor Fitness Session

$112 | 60 min

Sound Healing

$122 | 60 min

Hands & feet rituals


$66|60 min


$76 | 60 min

Manicure & Pedicure

$135 | 120 min

Shaman Signature Rituals

Spiritual Session 60 min

Explore the field of cosmic duality of the universe, where the spiritual and physical elements become one to find your personal harmony and balance.

Shamanic Session 60 min

Transform yourself with a personalized session by the Shaman, where you will integrate three different aspects: physical, mental and energy awareness.

Mayan Meditation 50 min

Find the perfect balance through every breath with a guided meditation by a Shaman at Naum Spa.