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Water's Edge Treatments at Park Hyatt Shanghai

Working to promote the uninhibited flow of healing energy throughout the body, your Water’s Edge massage therapist will customize your treatment to meet your current needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and desired relief.

The Water’s Edge Signature Massage ESCAPE 60 minutes CNY 1,030 / 90 minutes CNY 1,400

Ease away the day’s stress and strain and bring the body and mind into balance. The Water’s Edge Signature Massage fuses massage practices from both the East and West with a hybrid technique to stimulate the nervous system, support healthy circulation, and soothe the body.

De-Stress Muscle Release ESCAPE 60 minutes CNY 1,030 / 90 minutes CNY 1,400

This deep and meaningful full-body massage is designed to work on stiff, tight and fatigued muscles and joints. After a day or weeks of physical strain, this de-stressing treatment goes deep to treat, relieve, and rebalance.

The Complete Reset FLOW 90 minutes CNY 1,400

Great post-travel and for those always on the go, the massage, body brushing, and aromatherapy inhalations in this complete treatment help reset the body clock and clear the mind while boosting circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins.

Signature Back Massage ESCAPE 30 minutes CNY 560

An express deep tissue massage on your back, applied pressures to stimulate the nervous system, neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension. This treatment will dissolve away all of your stress and deep-seated tension in your back.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage ESCAPE 30 minutes CNY 560

A scalp, neck, and shoulder massage lightens a heavy head, while drainage movements help unblock sinuses and ease headaches. This relaxing yet stimulating scalp massage helps unblock a stuffy head and keep your thoughts clear.

Zhi Ya An Mo, Acupressure Massage TRADITION 60 minutes CNY 910 / 90 minutes CNY 1,285

Acupressure is a Chinese massage technique using manual pressure to stimulate energy points on the face and body. Targeting specific acupoints, firm hand and finger pressure is artfully applied to release energy obstructions and stimulate Qi, enhancing circulation through the meridians.

Zu Di An Mo, Reflexology TRADITION 30 minutes CNY 560 / 60 minutes CNY 795

Based on the belief that each point on the foot relates to an organ or part of the body, our skilled therapists use thumb pressure to massage the tiny reflex zones of the feet. Stimulating the corresponding organs and glands, reflexology corrects internal imbalances and realigns the body, naturally.

Qing Gua Sha, Cleansing Therapy TRADITION 60 minutes CNY 910

Literally translated as “to scrape for cholera,” this Chinese technique is widely practiced to reduce fever and headache, speed recovery of muscular injuries, and improve circulation. Gua Sha involves repeated pressurized strokes along affected meridians and muscles with a smooth-edged tool to cleanse and remove toxic heat. Combined with Zhi Ya An Mo, the overall result is rebalancing and detoxifying.

Water’s Edge Facials are personally customized to meet your individual skin care needs. Ensuring the vitality of your complexion and the quality of your experience, Water’s Edge Facials begin with a steam inhalation and scalp massage.

The Water’s Edge Signature Facial ESCAPE 90 minutes CNY 1,635

(Antioxidant /rose grass moisturizing / rejuvenating) Our therapist will choose the right products according to your needs. The plant essence oil through the fragrance, aromatic therapy with extraction plant essential oil, pure dew for medium and small molecular weight, high concentration, instantly permeate absorption, by smoking smell, massage, fumigation, in combination with touch healing skill, let the natural essential oils and the healer of the body and mind relax produce resonance - ascension, instant absorption, and open the self-healing ability, relieve our mood, improve skin function, very delicate skin.

Triple Anti-aging Facial ESCAPE 75 minutes CNY 1,400

Suitable for dark and aging skin, strengthen multivitamin, firming, moisturizing, vitamin active elements magic anti-aging signals, 4 effects in one comprehensive care

Clove Bud Balance and Cleansing Facial FLOW 60 minutes CNY 1,030

Suitable for oily and mixed skin, deep cleaning and balancing skin, removing blackheads and detoxifying skin, making skin more transparent and fresh.

Offering a set of two Water’s Edge Body treatments to exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate, each offers a unique experience to set you on the path to well-being.

The Journey of Citrus Enlivening FLOW 90 minutes CNY 1,400

A natural fragrance exfoliating body membrane treatment, citrus sweet and small pond particles, bring body luster color, but also can purify the skin, bring skin vitality and energy

A Trip to Provence ESCAPE 90 minutes CNY 1,400

A natural herbal fragrance exfoliating body mask treatment, soothing skin, stimulating body vitality, deep metabolism, making skin smooth and delicate, and improving sleep quality.