• Spa Products in Bowls


Balance 2hr | VND 3,700,000

Coffee & Coconut Scrub & Oriental Massage & VIE Facial Ritual

Calm 2hr | VND 3,890,000

Sleep Remedy Massage & VIE Facial Ritual

Recover 2hr | VND 3,680,000

Nourishing Scrub & Stress Recovery Massage

ESCAPE FOR TWO - Indulge 2hr | VND 8,250,000 / couple

Vie Fusion Massage & Vie Facial Ritual & Wellness Cuisine served in Spa Pavilion

ESCAPE FOR TWO - Peace 2hr | VND 7,550,000 / couple

90-minute treatment of choice & Reflexology & Antioxidant Juice

INDULGE WITH YOUR KIDS - Relax 1hr | VND 1,890,000

Back Massage & Vie Facial Ritual

INDULGE WITH YOUR KIDS - Refresh 1:15hr | VND 1,700,000

Foot Massage & Express Manicure or Express Pedicure

VIE Fusion Massage* 60min | VND 2,600,000 90min | VND 3,900,000

Our signature massage experience begins with a dry pressure-point massage to relieve areas of tension, followed by a warm oil massage to soothe the body.

Coffee & Coconut Scrub* 60min | VND 1,990,000

Reveal fresh, glowing skin with this thoroughly invigorating scrub. Our potent blend of fresh ingredients combines the tightening effects of caffeine with naturally hydrating coconut to target cellulite and tone skin.

VIE Facial Ritual* 30min | VND 1,350,000

Feel instantly refreshed with a freshly sliced cucumber mask and energizing massage. This traditional ritual can be combined with any other treatment for the best experience.

Thai Massage 60min | VND 2,400,000 90min | VND 3,500,000

Focusing on the energy of the body, your therapist will use gentle hand compression, rocking and yoga stretches to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Reflexology 60min | VND 2,400,000 90min | VND 3,500,000

Using mostly thumb pressure, your therapist will concentrate on specific reflex points in the body to promote wellness and relaxation.

* Signature Vietnamese treatments

MASSAGE - Stress Recovery 60min | VND 2,600,000 90min | VND 3,900,000

Perfect for relieving tension and reducing fluid retention. This stress-relieving massage uses moderate to firm pressure with long, flowing techniques. Recommended after traveling.

MASSAGE - Sleep Remedy 75min | VND 2,900,000

Induces a deep state of relaxation to leave you feeling balanced, calm, and ready for sleep. This massage features warm stones and smooth, flowing techniques with light to moderate pressure.

MASSAGE - Tension Relief 60min | VND 2,600,000 90min | VND 3,900,000

Deep pressure techniques are applied to target areas of tension, alleviate aches and pains, and relieve muscle soreness.

MASSAGE - Pregnancy Massage 60min | VND 2,600,000 90min | VND 3,900,000

Find comfort on your side with a special pregnancy pillow while our therapists use gentle massage techniques to help relieve soreness and discomfort.

MASSAGE - Targeted Release 30min | VND 1,350,000

A highly focused massage to soothe your back, hands, scalp, or feet. This massage can also be combined with another treatment for complete relaxation. * Available for children from 4 to 14 years old

FACIAL - Collagen 75min | VND 2,600,000

This deeply restorative facial will plump, hydrate, and tone your skin. It features a relaxing massage with cold stones for contouring, a collagen infusion mask, and LED therapy. Your skin will feel noticeably brighter, with a radiant glow.

FACIAL - Purify 60min | VND 2,400,000

A deep-cleansing facial with a nutrient-rich oatmeal scrub and detoxifying clay mask to cleanse skin and absorb toxins. Includes a cucumber extract and rose water remedy to soothe the skin and increase radiance.

BODY SCRUB - Nourish 60min | VND 1,990,000

A gentle and beautifying salt scrub that gently cleanses and rejuvenates. This gel-based formula transforms into a silky milk to provide intensive nourishment for sensitive or sun-exposed skin. An uplifting blend of orange, tangerine and nutmeg essential oils will increase energy and promote joy.

Luxe Manicure 60min | VND 850,000

Nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, massage, nail polish application

Luxe Pedicure 60min | VND 1,090,000

Nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, massage, nail polish application

Express Manicure 45min | VND 450,000

Nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, nail polish application

Express Pedicure 45min | VND 600,000

Nail shaping, cuticle conditioning, nail polish application


All prices are inclusive of a 5% service charge and 10% VAT.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy: We require a minimum of 12 hours’ notice to reschedule or cancel a booking in order to avoid a 100% cancellation fee.