• Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Spa Villa

The Vidhun Spa Treatments at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa


Sehathu Massage 1 hour | US$ 160 1.5 hours | US$ 195 | US$ 360 per couple

Balancing the hot, cold and dry aspects as per Dhivehibey tradition, our signature oil of rose, lotus and jasmine fills the air, creating the perfect space to share a deeply relaxing massage.

FINI Spice Poultice 1 hour | US $140 1.5 hours | US$ 185

A poultice of thermodynamic herbs and Maldivian sand is used to enhance massage therapy by generating heat, relaxing knots and restoring the range of motion to muscles and joints.


HOONU Turquoise Blue 1 hour | US $140 1.5 hours | US$ 185

With a soft, manipulative technique, kneading and long soothing strokes combine with cooling and calming oils of rose and sandalwood to soothe skin cool the system and calm the mind.

HIKI Rolling Ocean 1 hour | US $140 1.5 hours | US$ 185

With our aromatic jasmine and lotus oil, soft friction body brushing prepares skin for effleurage and pressure point massage techniques working to nurture, hydrate and rebalance.

FINI Spice Uplift 1 hour | US$140 1.5 hours | US$ 185

Our invigorating massage using cinnamon and nutmeg oils with friction, tapottement and wringing methods works to generate the heat to purify and energize the system

HOONU Scalp Ritual 1 hour | US$ 125 1.5 hours | US$ 175

Nourishing and protecting, locally-harvested hibiscus combines with coconut oil for a targeted scalp massage using traditional techniques to protect and nourish scalp and hair.

HIKI Foot Touch 1 hour | US$ 125 1.5 hours | US$ 175

An energizing massage of the legs combines with pressure point massage of the feet utilizing natural Maldivian lemon and citrus oils to simulate and rebalance the systems of the body.

After Sun Therapy 1 hour | US $130

Pacify the heat from your body with a combination of natural yogurt and a cucumber wrap applied all over your body. Feel the moisturizing and cooling effect of these natural ingredients.

Thai Massage 1 hour | US$ 140 1.5hours | US$ 175

Our Thai massage is a unique form of body therapy performed using a dry pressure point massage to improve muscle movement, and enhance your body’s flexibility and energy flow.

Balinese Massage 1 hour | US$ 140 1.5hours | US$ 175

Our Balinese massage is a gentle yet deep massage focusing on acupressure, pressure points including palm pressure, kneading, and long and short effleurage.

Shiatsu Massage 1 hour | US$ 140 1.5hours | US$ 175

The word “Shiatsu” means “finger-pressure”. Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy with pressure at specific areas on the body with its main purpose of balancing the energy in the body. The massage is also particularly beneficial for the nervous system as it improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles and alleviates stress.

Hot Stone Massage 1.5 hour | US$ 195

Our Hot Stone massage is the ideal soothing and relaxing treatment. Improving both energy flow and blood circulation through the body, the treatment also relieves pain and releases toxins, pacifying the mind, body and soul.

Pregnancy Massage 1 hour | US$ 140 1.5hours | US$ 175

Our soothing and gentle pregnancy massage is the prenatal use of massage therapy which supports the psychological, structural and emotional well-being of bother mother and fetus. The massage is performed using medium pressure and with only base oils.

HOONU Evvaru Ritual Each ritual lasts 2 hours US$ 295 per person | US$ 490 for couple

Cooling and soothing, our HOONU ritual begins with a milk-based exfoliation made with native rice and coconut, continues with our HOONU facial and finishes with a custom massage utilizing HOONU Evvaru rose and sandalwood oil to rebalance the hot principle in the body.

FINI Evvaru Ritual Each ritual lasts 2 hours US$ 295 per person | US$ 490 for couple

Warming and detoxifying, our FINI ritual begins with a heating spice scrub to open the pores and continues with our heating clay and detoxifying wrap to purify the system, finishing with FINI Evvaru massage with cinnamon and nutmeg oil which generates warmth to balance the cold principle in the body.

HIKI Evvaru Ritual Each ritual lasts 2 hours US$ 295 per person | US$ 490 for couple

Moisturizing and nourishing, our HIKIritual begins with a moisturizing salt scrub to improve the texture of the skin, continues with our HIKI facial and finishes with a custom massage utilizing HIKI Evvaru jasmine and lotus oil to restore moisture, while balancing the dry principle in the body.

Ufaa Days day 1 | HOONU EVVARU ritual day 2 | FINI EVVARU ritual day 3 | HIKI EVVARU ritual 2 hours each day for three days US$ 800 per person | US$ 1,370 per couple

Experience The Vidhun Spa over the course of your stay with us. Three days of our rituals balance and welcome Sihhathu into your lives, leaving the both of you in a state of Ufaa bliss.

Koimala Ritual 4 hours | US$ 380 per person | US$ 700 per couple

Share a day of custom treatments and emerge as one, both deeply relaxed and powerfully loved. HIKIshea& salt scrub HIKI papaya & aloe enfold FINI, HOONU or HIKI massage FINI, HOONU or HIKI facial

Relaxing Romance 2 hours | US $400 per couple

Amplify your love at the incomparable and quixotic Vidhun Spa. We work to ensure that love, harmony and good health radiates from within yourself, Enjoy the deep relaxation of massage followed by an aromatic bath adorn with flowers. Cleanse your palette with fresh cut fruit and a chilled bottle of Champagne as you luxuriate under the stars

Sehathu Radiance – Signature Facial 1.5 hours | US$ 180

Energizing with a rejuvenating enzyme exfoliation and collagen masque, the overall texture and youthful integrity of the skin is improved, protecting against signs of ageing.

HOONU Gentle 1.5 hours | US$ 180

Refreshing the sensitive skin with a gentle jojoba exfoliation, this anti-inflammatory botanically-derived masque treatment packed with essential vitamins soothes, nourishes and refreshes the skin.

FINI Bright 1.5 hours | US$ 180

A highly effective, skin brightening facial treatment for those concerned with uneven tone. Gentle lactic acid exfoliation allows our powerful natural bearberry, mulberry and licorice root lightening agents to work their magic. Hydroquinone free.

HIKI Hydrate 1.5 hours | US$ 180

This luxurious, purifying treatment created with papaya, mango and pineapple enzymes combine with a mandarin moisturizing masque to fully rehydrate, tone and tighten facial skin.


HOONU Green Tea & Cucumber 30 minutes | US$ 75 1 hour | US$ 130

Lemon and sugar exfoliate and calm skin with cooling, antioxidant green tea and cucumber.

FINI Sugar & Orchid 30 minutes | US$ 75 1 hour | US$ 130

Invigorating Vanda orchid blends with sugar to refine skin, warm and neutralize free radicals.

HIKI Shea & Salt 30 minutes | US$ 75 1 hour | US$ 130

Rehydrating with luxurious coconut, honey and shea butter, this sea salt scrub fully refreshes skin.

Maldivian Coconut Sea Sat Scrub Massage 30 minutes | US$ 65

Nourish, rejuvenate and detoxify your skin with the therapeutic properties of Maldivian fresh Coconut & Sea Salt Scrub on your special day in paradise.


HOONU Seamint Envelopment 30 minutes | US$ 85 1 hour | US$ 140

A wet natural loofah is used to prepare the body for this soothing, antioxidant sea mint and seaweed body masque that will leave you cooled detoxified and your skin remineralized.

FINI Clay & Spice Detox 30 minutes | US$ 85 1 hour | US$ 140

A dry loofah brushing increases circulation in preparation for our heating clay and spice masque designed to reduce water retention and treat the signs of cellulite by tightening and toning skin.

HIKI Papaya & Aloe Enfold 30 minutes | US$ 85 1 hour | US$140

An aromatic wrap created with papaya, aloe and milk, rich in carotene, potassium and vitamins A and C, heals and nourishes to prevent signs of ageing and leave you glowing from head to toe.

Vidhun Body Polish 1.5 hour | US$ 175

A combination of a scrub and wrap with a choice of Hoonu, Hiki or Fini, leaving the body feeling nourished and moisturized.

VIDHUN HAND AND FOOT CARE 1 hour for each treatment only | US$ 120

A citrus blossom hand or foot care which concentrates on the treatment of the hands & feet as well as the overall sensory spa journey. Instant hydration and repair for dry and chapped hands & feet with basic nail care.