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The Vidhun Packages at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

HOONU Evvaru Ritual
Cooling and soothing, our HOONU ritual begins with a milk-based exfoliation made with native rice and coconut, continues with our HOONU facial and finishes with a custom massage utilizing HOONU Evvaru rose and sandalwood oil to rebalance the hot principle in the body.

Each ritual lasts 2 hours
USD$295 for one person - USD$490 for couples

FINI Evvaru Ritual

Warming and detoxing, our FINI ritual begins with a heating spice scrub to open the pores and continues with our heating clay and detoxifying wrap to purify the system, finishing with a FINI Evvaru massage with cinnamon and nutmeg oil generating warmth to balance the cold principle in the body.

Each ritual lasts 2 hours
USD$295 for one person - USD$490 for couples

HIKI Evvaru Ritual

Moisturizing and nourishing, our HIKI ritual begins with a moisturizing salt scrub to improve the texture of the skin, continues with our HIKI facial and finishes with a custom massage utilizing HIKI Evvaru jasmine and lotus oil to restore moisture, while balancing the dry principle in the body.

Each ritual lasts 2 hours
US$295 for one person - USD$490 for couples

Ufaa Days

Experience The Vidhun Spa over the course of your stay with us. Three days of our rituals balance and welcome Sehathu into your lives, leaving the both of you in a state of Ufaa bliss.

day 1 - FINI EVVARU ritual
day 2 - HOONU EVVARU ritual
day 3 - HIKI EVVARU ritual

2 hours, each day, for three days
US $1370 per couple & US $800 for Single

Koimala Ritual

Share a day of custom treatments and emerge as one, both deeply relaxed and powerfully loved.

HIKI shea & salt scrub
HIKI papaya & aloe enfold
FINI, HOONU or HIKI massage
FINI, HOONU or HIKI facial

4 hours
USD 380 per person – USD 700 per couple

Sehathu Massage

Balancing the hot, cold and dry aspects as per Dhivehibey tradition, our signature oil of rose, lotus and jasmine fills the air, creating the perfect space to share a deeply relaxing massage for two.

1.5 hours
USD 195 per person – USD 360 per couple

Detoxifying Package
Our detoxifying package will start with green gram scrub for cleansing, toning and revitalization. Then you will be wrapped up to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. Complete your journey with a Swedish massage to promote circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

2.5 hours | US$ 265

Hydrating Package
Our hydrating package is specially designed to luxuriate and moisturize your entire body. You will be wrapped in a mix of cucumber yogurt to cool and soothe your skin, followed by an aroma massage which puts you in deep state of relaxation. The “magic” facial mask combines cucumber and honey and will make your skin supple, elastic and silky soft.

2.5 hours | US$ 265

Balancing Package
Start with an orange peel scrub to promote a healthy skin glow and preserve moisture. Then take advantage of the helpful elements found in milk by soaking in a milk bath to leave your skin soft and hydrated. Our professional therapist will then bring you a luxuriously relaxing and blissfully comforting full-body warm oil massage to rev up your body and mind.

2.5 hours | US$ 265