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Treatments at Grand Hyatt Vail

Custom Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes

A personalized massage that allows your therapist to address imbalances, inducing a relaxing sense of harmony.

Après Adventure Sports Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes

A vigorous and energizing massage which includes stretching and various deep-tissue techniques to help improve range of motion, circulation and flexibility.

Cannabidol (CBD) Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes

Derived from Hemp to naturally alleviate pain and inflammation to achieve deeper relaxation.

Maternity Massage 50 minutes

Perfect for the mother-to-be, utilizing light effleurage to eliminate stress and sore muscles.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 75 minutes

Warm salt stones trigger the relaxation of muscles as they detoxify pollutants in the body’s electromagnetic field, re-mineralize the skin, balance the body’s pH and improve sleep.

The Corrective Solution 50 minutes | 80 minutes

A gentle yet incredible effective peel addresses fine lines, wrinkle and loss of elasticity. This facial effectively stimulates cellular regeneration to restore fullness and redefine the volume of the face. *80 min includes a specialty mask to plump, firm and tone the face, neck and décolleté.

Signature Facial 50 minutes | 80 minutes

Personalized to your needs to achieve results while experiencing profound relaxation.

Alpine Rescue Facial 50 minutes | 80 minutes

Designed specifically for a high-altitude environment, this facial harnesses the power of Hydropeptides, replenishing hydration and enhancing your skin’s natural luminosity at a cellular level. This treatment utilizes vitamin C to repair sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Upper Reach Back Facial 450 minutes

To combat dryness in hard to reach areas, You will conclude with a mask applied to the arms and hands, as well as extractions and a final moisturizing layer for complete hydration.


Utilizing TheraFace’s percussive therapy to reduce tension, relax facial muscles while incorporating microcurrent and cleansing treatments to help lift, tone, rejuvenate and deep clean. *80 minutes includes LED and hot/cold therapy. *not avail for pregnant or nursing women or those with a pace maker.

Alpine Transformation Wrap 100 minutes

A detoxifying treatment beginning with a gentle body peel followed by a mud and micro-algae wrap to help eliminate toxins. Finished with a full body massage using a rich, nourishing cream to firm and improve elasticity

Peak Rejuvenation Body Scrub 50 min. | 100 min.

Smooth and restore your skin using jojoba microspheres and alpha hydroxy acids. Ending with a firming antioxidant rich cream to improve elasticity and restore depleted skin.

Gore Creek Hydrating Wrap 50 min. | 100 min.

Starting with a stimulation dry exfoliation to prep your skin for a bouquet blend of concentrated essences which resonate with your own natural energetic frequency is added to warm shea butter to create the ultimate hydrating experience. Enjoy a scalp massage while you are cocooned in this cozy wrap.

Colorado Wildflower Scrub 50 min. | 100 min.

A Colorado company bringing together a beautiful blend of chia seed, jojoba and brown sugar infused with rainbow fluorite crystals to exfoliate, boost confidence and create balance.

Vital Restoration 100 min.

Begin this refreshing treatment with an all over body peel featuring glycolic and lactic acids for deep skin renewal. You will then be wrapped in a vitamin rich body mask of Tamanu oil and green walnut extract to nourish and hydrate. Scalp treatment and full body massage will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

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