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Treatments at Grand Hyatt Vail

Custom Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes | 105 minutes

Our most popular and customizable option which can range from a light and relaxing touch to a more vigorous and deep pressure approach. You can select a variety of different pressures to be applied at different points throughout the treatment, or request one specific target area to focus on.

Swedish Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes | 105 minutes

Light pressure along with long and relaxing strokes promote a state of deep relaxation, increase circulation, and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes | 105 minutes

Therapeutic massage, often involving deeper pressure, which helps relieve stress in deeper muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. Ideal for the relief of tension and chronic pain.

Après Adventure Sports Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes | 105 minutes

A vigorous and energizing massage which includes thorough stretching in addition to various deep-tissue massage techniques to help improve range of motion, circulation, and flexibility.

Cannabidol (CBD) Massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes | 105 minutes

Receive all of the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of the all-natural hemp plant, without the psychoactive effects. Enhance your massage treatment with CBD infused oil used to naturally alleviate pain, inflammation, and anxiety as well as achieving deeper relaxation. *available as an add on to all massages.

Maternity Massage 50 minutes

*for those in their 2nd or 3rd trimester Perfect for the mother-to-be, therapists utilize specialty equipment and light effleurage techniques to eliminate stress and sore muscles to experience the purest relaxation.

Teen / Target Massage 25 minutes

Designed as an introduction to body work, therapist works with you on a target area, customizing your treatment depending on your experience and need.

Gore Creek Hot Stone Massage 75 minutes | 105 minutes

Heated basalt rocks are integrated into each part of the massage, allowing their weight and heat to penetrate deep layers of muscles without deep pressure, which encourages blood flow and eases tension in both muscle and connective tissue.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 75 minutes | 105 minutes

These stones detoxify pollutants in the body’s electromagnetic field, re-mineralize the skin, balance the body’s pH, and improve sleep. You will leave feeling balanced in mind, body, and spirit.

Ultimate Hydrafacial with Hydropeptide 50 minutes | $210 80 minutes | $280

Using vortex-fusion technology, this high tech facial cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates. This unique spiral tool design combined with hydradermabrasion procedures and lymphatic drainage to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously hydrating the skin with potent antioxidants. High peptide doses boost collagen and erase age spots, leaving your skin hydrated and visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles after just one treatment. 80 minute treatment includes a penetrating mask.

The Corrective Solution 50 minutes | $200 80 minutes | $240

A gentle but incredibly effective peel addresses fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. This facial effectively stimulates cellular regeneration to restore fullness and redefine the volume of the face. 80 minute treatment includes a hexapeptide plumping mask that bestows a visibly firmed and toned complexion to the face, neck, and décolleté.

Signature Facial 50 minutes | $185 80 minutes | $235

Completely customizable based on your individual skin care needs. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, and a mask application. You and your provider will collaborate to get visible results while experiencing profound relaxation.

Alpine Rescue Facial 50 minutes | $200 80 minutes | $240

Designed specifically for a high-altitude environment, this facial harnesses the power of Hydropeptides, replenishing hydration, and enhancing your skin’s natural luminosity at a cellular level. This treatment utilizes vitamin C to repair sun damage and hyperpigmentation, combat dullness, and enhance brightness.

Upper Reach Back Facial 450 minutes | $200

To combat dryness in hard to reach areas, this treatment includes dry brushing using clarisonic techniques, followed by a cleansing and steam exfoliation to prepare the skin. You will conclude with a mask applied to the arms and hands, as well as extractions and a final moisturizing layer for complete hydration. *Subject to availability

Summit of Serenity 120 minutes | $365

This aromatherapeutic treatment promotes relaxation and focus. First, a chamomile and olive grain scrub to refresh the legs and feet. Pure frankincense is then used to rebalance the chakras and release cranial pressure. Finish out the treatment with an ayurvedic scalp massage, facial mask application, and effleurage back massage.

The Athlete’s Retreat 75 minutes | $250 105 minutes | $310

Ideal for high performance and high intensity individuals, this sports-style massage reinvigorates and refreshes. Specialized massage techniques are applied to the legs, ankles, and feet to reduce swelling. Integration of Himalayan salt stones during the massage alleviates inflammation, draws out toxins and balances ions. Ginger and black pepper essential oils create a warming and soothing sensation for exhausted muscles.

Alpine Transformation Wrap 75 minutes | $250 105 minutes | $310

A detoxifying treatment for those seeking deep renewal. The wrap begins with a gentle body peel to remove dead skin cells. Mud and micro-algae sourced from the mineral-rich Bagni di Pisa thermal waters are applied, which eliminates toxins. A rich and exquisite cream provides a body-firming finish, simultaneously nourishing skin and improving elasticity.

Elevate Your Altitude 50 minutes | $170 75 minutes | $250 105 minutes | $310

Ease into mountain heights with a high-altitude oil infused with peppermint, ylang ylang, tangerine and fennel. Vigorous massage techniques stimulate oxygen flow throughout the body, while heated packs are applied to specific focus areas to boost circulation. A concentrated oxygen boost following the treatment encourages the body to readjust to an elevated lifestyle.

Peak Rejuevenation Body Scrub 50 minutes | $170 75 minutes | $250

A deep, full body exfoliation, enhanced with jojoba microspheres and alpha-hydroxy acids smooths and restores the skin, encouraging fresh moisturized cells to rise to the surface. This treatment leaves skin soft, silky, and renewed. Complete your experience with a firming, antioxidant rich cream that utilizes organic tamanu oil to increase elasticity and protect and restore depleted skin.

Gore Creek Hydrating Wrap 50 minutes | $170 75 minutes | $250

A bouquet blend of concentrated essences which resonate with your own natural energetic frequency is added to a warm shea butter to create the ultimate hydrating experience. After the product is applied, you are cocooned in a cozy wrap while your scalp is massaged for healthy and hydrated skin without harsh exfoliation. Please arrive 20-30 minutes early to determine which products most resonate with you.

Colorado Wildflower Scrub 50 minutes | $170 75 minutes | $250

A local body renewal featuring a chia seed, jojoba, and brown sugar scrub infused with rainbow fluorite crystals to exfoliate and soften skin, boost confidence, and create balance. This scrub is blended with concentrated essences which are selected to synchronize with your natural energy output for a personalized experience. This treatment concludes with an application of hydrating crème which resonates at the same energetic frequency. Please arrive 20-30 minutes to determine which products most resonate with you.

Breathe Easy Immunity Booster 75 minutes | $250

Immunity-enhancing and decongesting, this treatment uses a blend of antibacterial and antiseptic oils including lavender, pine, tea-tree, and eucalyptus to clear the chest and nasal passageways and alleviate the aches and pains of respiratory discomfort. An Ayurvedic scalp massage brings relief to the head and sinuses while specific chest and neck stretches keep the chest open once the treatment has concluded. For a full-body experience, select the 75-minute treatment, which includes lower body therapy in addition to upper body elements.

Alpenrose Renewal 50 minutes | $180 75 minutes | $260

Designed to counter the effects of our arid mountain air, this revitalizing treatment focuses on replenishing and rehydrating the skin. Begin with an exfoliating dry brush to rejuvenate the skin, followed by a targeted application of intensive skin treatment oil to penetrate and hydrate. Oil infused with essences of Rose, Evening Primrose, and Neroli will impart essential Omega 6 vitamins into the skin which will hydrate and even out skin tone. Finally, a soothing lotion will seal and moisturize, leaving your skin soft and restored.

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