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The Balneum Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa

Massage Therapy

To enjoy the full benefits of massage therapy at The Balneum, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to take in the healing waters of our Balneotherapy facility and prepare your body for the massage. For enhanced results, add a 30-minute Signature Balneotherapy experience to your massage at an additional cost of just CNY188.

Aroma Lymphatic Massage 60 minutes CNY580

Aromatherapy combined with specialised massage movements and breathing techniques to restore mental and physical well-being.

Balneum Massage 60 minutes CNY680 / 90 minutes CNY880

Deep pressure massage and Chinese acupressure blend with our honeysuckle balm to clear heat and relieve toxicity, releasing blockages, restoring Qi and promoting blood circulation.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes CNY580 / 90 minutes CNY780

Pamper strained muscles and improve energy flow with long, luxurious Swedish massage strokes.

Tui Na 60 minutes CNY580 / 90 minutes CNY780

Literally translated as “press and rub”, Tui Na is an energizing and uplifting TCM massage therapy using deep digital stimulation of vital energy points to stimulate the flow of Qi.

Zu Liao 45 minutes CNY380

Zu Liao, or reflexology, stimulates reflex zones on the feet to activate internal healing mechanisms, correcting imbalances and realigning the body, naturally.

Herbal Compress 90 minutes CNY1080

Based on the Chinese herbs Dang Gui and Wei Ling Xian, this natural herbal compress treatment relaxes tired muscles, allowing healing energy to flow through the body as firm pressure massage therapy dissolves muscle aches and pains.

Jade Stone Massage 90 minutes CNY980

Warm jade stones known for their purifying effects combine with almond balm to soothe the body and mind as deep penetrating heat and alternating cold create a delightfully renewing body/mind therapy.

Gua Sha 90 minutes CNY750

After enjoying an hour of Tui Na, benefit from Gua Sha, an ancient technique involving pressurized strokes along meridians to remove toxic heat and cleanse the body. This treatment will leave behind the telltale red marks for around two weeks.

Qi Guan 90 minutes CNY750

Enjoy 60 minutes of Tui Na before a half hour of stimulating Qi Guan, or cupping, to invigorate the body, move qi and dispel damp and cold from the body. This treatment will leave behind the telltale red circles for around two weeks.

Express Treatments 30 minutes – CNY390

Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 minutes – CNY310

Tension Relief Back Massage 30 minutes – CNY310

Abdominal Detox Therapy 30 minutes – CNY310

Scalp Massage 30 minutes – CNY310

Facial Treatments

Beginning with an individual consultation to determine your skin’s needs, a facial treatment with restorative, skin-fortifying elements combines with expert care for optimal results.

Nourishing Facial 90 minutes – CNY880

With gentle massage using jade instruments to promote blood and lymphatic flow, the traditional Chinese Gua Sha technique softens and smooths for glowing, supple results.

Clarifying Facial 60 minutes – CNY580

For combination or oily skin, purifying treatment normalizes the skin to regulate sebum production, repair imperfections, and promote an even, smooth skin tone.

Men’s Facial 60 minutes – CNY580

Specifically for men, this purifying treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, and regenerating treatments utilizing essential minerals to promote the vitality and firmness of skin.

Youthful Facial 90 minutes – CNY880

Smoothing and oxygenating while nourishing the skin, this deeply moisturizing treatment plumps skin to smooth away wrinkles for a radiantly renewed, youthful appearance.

Eye Treatment 30 minutes – CNY480

Restoring elasticity to the fragile eye area with intense hydration and powerful botanicals. This treatment lifts and firms to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.

Express Facial 30 minutes – CNY390

Signature Balneotherapy

Signature experiences, Balneotherapy at The Balneum offers healing relief for a number of ailments. Experienced in a private Balneotherapy suite, soak in a luxurious bath during your time with us and relieve stress, enhance the immune system, eliminate fatigue and promote endurance.

Herbal Bath 45 minutes – CNY250

This blend of traditional of Chinese herbs clears away dampness, balances emotions, and promotes deep relaxation.

Silica Salt Bath 45 minutes – CNY250

Silica salt combines with geothermal minerals from the waters of our natural hot spring to harmonize, nourish, and renew for soft, smooth skin.

Liquorice Bath 45 minutes – CNY250

Chinese botanicals stimulate the immune system and enhance circulation, supporting your optimal wellness.

Detoxifying Polish 30 minutes – CNY380

Rich in natural oils to defend against free radicals, detoxifying treatment reduces cellulite, fat-deposits, and water retention, rejuvenating appearance from the inside out.

Harmonising Polish 30 minutes – CNY380

Rich in herbal extracts to defend against free radicals and boost immunity, harmonising treatment promotes physical and mental well-being.

Hydrating Polish 30 minutes – CNY380

The perfect body experience to look good and feel good thanks to roses hydrating properties to fortify and nourish the skin making it softer and healthier.

Mineral Wrap 45 minutes – CNY480

This body slimming treatment reduces cellulite and eliminates toxins with the natural energies of mineral mud, and purifying oil.

Cooling Wrap 45 minutes – CNY480

This treatment combines the well known skin healing properties of lavender with cooling peppermint and regenerative rose to rescue distressed skin

Hydrating Wrap 45 minutes – CNY480

A combination of bai zhi and fuling, this hydrating treatment increases qi circulation while protecting and firming skin.