• Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa Hanari Spa

Spa Hanari at Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island Okinawa

In a lush island setting

Where time moves more slowly

Listen to your body and juxtapose your mental state

Fill yourself with joy to learn and discover

And let the welcoming spirit of Okinawa envelop you


The mind, the body, the emotion,

the intellect and the connection

All facets of your well-being are coaxed

iinto their full power at Hanari Spa.


Here, we invite you to… . . .

Reawaken to your body’s natural rhythms and wisdom

Tap into all of your sensory fields

Let go of things holding you back

and discover new ways of caring for yourself to open

a pathway to “wellness”


Our offerings are designed to help you to

find the balance that is needed.

Come see how good it feels when all of your facets

align and unite.