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Quantum Spa & Health Club Treatments at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Swedish Massage 60 min. — RUB 12 000 | 90 min. — RUB 15 000

A traditional massage technique that uses a combination of five movements – long sweeping strokes, tapping, kneading, friction and vibration – along with aromatic essential oils that detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, release tension and improve circulation, leaving you with an incomparable sense of relaxation.

Russian Deep Tissue Massage 60 min. — RUB 13 000 | 90 min. — RUB 16 000

Perfect for those who play sports or lead a physically active life. Firm massaging will stretch and relax tense muscles and help relieve particular areas of discomfort due to stress, injury or overuse, leaving you feeling supple, stress-free and re-energized.

Signature «PURE REJUVENATION» massage by ANNE SEMONIN PARIS 60 min. — RUB 12 000 | 90 min. — RUB 15 000

Protecting, regenerating, smoothing Designed to deliver a flawless marriage of protective treatment and pure relaxing care. Long, rhythmic strokes glide across the entire length of the body while the Omega 3 and Omega 6 found in cranberry and vitamins A & E from olive oil penetrate the skin deeply achieving maximum skin regeneration.

Aroma energizer 60 min. — RUB 12 000 | 90 min. — RUB 15 000

Uplifting, energizing, tension releasing Taken from the tradition of Ayurveda the exotic, warming aroma of ginger stimulates and uplifts the senses. Enriched with vitamin E this delightfully nourishing oil is perfectly merged with classic deep tissue and stretching techniques to enliven the senses and release tension in the muscles.

Vital Detox 60 min. — RUB 12 000 | 90 min. — RUB 15 000

Detoxifying, stimulating, refreshing skin The sublime synergy of lemongrass and peppermint is introduced into the body using specialized lymphatic techniques to effectively release toxins and stimulate circulation. The increased circulation improves drainage.

Massage by Four Hands 60 min. — RUB 18 500

Unique and memorable experience, whereby two massage therapists supplement each other and gently create a profound effect on the energy balance within the body.

Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 60 min. — RUB 9 000

If you spend most of the day at your office desk, having a back massage can help you quickly revitalize your senses. Regular back massages can help prevent spinal curvature and can ease tired backs. If time is of the essence, or you need instant relief for those trouble spots between meetings or on your lunch hour, this is the ideal option. Your choice of aromatherapy is optional.

Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage 30 min. — RUB 7 000

If time is of the essence, or you need instant relief for those trouble spots between meetings or on your lunch hour, this is the ideal option. Your choice of aromatherapy is optional. This is also a great add-on enhancement to other treatments.

Relaxing back massage 30 min. — RUB 8 000

Ultra-nourishing oil massage will relieve physical and emotional tension soothing the back and neck.

Foot Massage 30 min. — RUB 6 500

An ancient technique that is supremely relaxing and excellent at relieving stress. The application of pressure on reflex points on the feet and hands restores the flow of energy throughout the body and is said to stimulate the body’s own mechanisms.

Anti-Fatigue back remedy «Instant recovery» 60 min. — RUB 12 000 | 90 min. — RUB 14 500

Tension releasing, restoring back therapy An exceptional solution created to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce fatigue. The exquisite combination of heat, minerals and oils begins with a generous application of self-heating mineral mud mask to release stiffness, strain and stress in the muscles. This is followed by a bespoke massage with blended oils just right for your needs. Both energizing and relaxing, this treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.

Anti-Stress Treatment 60 min. — RUB 12 000

De-stressing, unwinding, restoring Hazelnut and sesame form a rich base of oils to facilitate the slow, flowing movements of this total body de-stress therapy. The lavender and mandarin infused oil permeates the skin easily releasing stored tension from deep within the muscles completely unwinding the entire body.

Cleansing Peeling 30 min. — RUB 7 000

A relaxing procedure that is an ideal option after a flight or a hard day at work. It starts with a full body massage-sea salt peel and finishes with moisturizing toning oil. This treatment will help to saturate your skin with needed elements and boost your metabolism, leaving you with an incomparable sense of relaxation.

Detoxifying Body Pack 90 min. — RUB 15 000

This treatment includes cleansing peeling, body pack and soft massage with body lotion. Detoxifying body pack is based on the application of a rich mask with proteins, mineral elements, enzymes and seaweeds on all problem zones. It reinforces the detoxification of the skin and body. Cleansing, hydrating and skin firming procedure helps to improve shape of the body and general being. At the end, you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Mineralization Body Pack “Fang Therapy” 90 min. — RUB 15 000

This outstanding treatment is aimed at relieving stress caused by an unfavorable environment, lack of sleep, and climate changes. The program is based on an application of mud from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean that is iodine-free and rich in minerals and microelements necessary for the human body. A real “mineral cocktail” relieves unhealthy elements and relaxes intense muscles.

Local body pack “Light Legs” 60 min. — RUB 10 000

This unique program is supremely excellent in relieving extra fluid from legs and adds to the pure relaxation of tense muscles. This is especially recommended after a long flight or after a hard day’s work. Cooling krio-gel prevents varicose veins problems and smooths tired legs.