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Quantum Spa & Health Club Packages at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Aroma Dream

3.5 hours — RUB  23 000

Pure relaxation in the world of dreams is just what you need after a hard days work. Aroma Dream begins pampering you with a liquid sea salt peeling, relieving you of stress and leaving your skin renewed. Followed by a massage with aroma oils, blended to create a sense of  balance and harmony. Enjoy then a unique, iodine-free body application of marine mud from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Its richness in minerals and microelements are necessary for the human body helping you ease sore muscles and release tension. A full head massage will leave you feeling in a state of bliss.


Dazzling Skin

3 hours — RUB  23 000

This dazzling spa package indulges you in a series of spa treatments which cleanse your skin, relieve tense muscles, and gives you a sense of pure relaxation. The first step is a soap massage to provide deep cleansing of your skin, followed by Gommage peeling that stimulates blood circulation, helping to soften problem zones of your skin and producing a healing effect. The chief element of the package is a seaweed body application that pampers the skin and renews its elasticity. Moisturizing body milk at the end of the treatment leaves your skin silky and smooth, and a hot fruit tea completes the body care session.


Detox Cocktail

3 hours — RUB 23 000

Stress and polluted atmosphere greatly influence our health. The powerful Detox Cocktail spa package is a program designed to remove toxins and excess fluids from your body. A strong corrective anticellulite massage for all problem cellulite zones provides instant stimulation, increasing metabolism and blood circulation. Followed by a thermal peeling which helps to soften problem zones of your skin and release excess fluids, while seaweed body wrapping with fucus algae extract reinforces the skin and body detoxification and skin renovation. An anti-oxidant fresh juice of citrus blends is offered to you following the treatment.


Romantic Morocco Tour

4 hours — RUB 44 000

This ancient Arabic treatment is your portal to the magical world of the Orient. The Romantic Tour begins in our cozy Spalux adorned with flowers and candles. We invite you to our Roman Bath where for several minutes you may warm up, unwind and relax. Black eucalyptus soap is applied to the entire body for a healing and moisturizing effect, while sea salt peeling with sandal, orange flowers, and jasmine renews the skin and eliminates excess fluids. Mineralization, moisturization, and careful skin nourishment are provided by a Rassoul mud application. You will have time to relax together and enjoy a soothing Moroccan Rooibos tea. A shea butter oil application completes the magical ritual, and the light perfume of Arabic flowers on your skin leaves this wonderful treatment experience to linger in your memory.