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Spa Nalai Treatments at Park Hyatt New York

Created for specific intentions, coupled with nourishing products, massage at Spa Nalai will renew and restore muscles, moisturize skin and enhance well-being. Choose from an assortment of experiences.

Nalai Signature 60 minutes $275 / 90 minutes $350

Incorporating a series of techniques, this artisan-curated massage will ensure both deep muscle relief and improved relaxation. Ease away tension and soothe tired muscles in a unique therapy created exclusively for you.

Relax 60 minutes $225 / 90 minutes $300

Regulated pressure to release tension helps calm the mind and body. Providing focus with stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements will effectively ease tired muscles. For those looking for a more relaxing and calming experience.

Renew 60 minutes $275 /90 minutes $350

Specificity in targeted areas will help soothe soreness and alleviate stress and tension. Customized deep tissue manipulation of muscle fibers and varied modalities ensure a truly therapeutic experience.

Pre/Post Natal 60 minutes $275 / 90 minutes $350

Your favorite techniques are tailored just for you. Pampered and gentle, this artisan's touch eliminates stress on joints, neck, and back in addition to nurturing your body and is recommended only for guests in their second and third trimesters.

Couples 60 minutes $650 / 90 minutes $750

Unwind and indulge side by side for a soothing tête-à-tête. Accompanied by a glass of champagne, our artisans will customize your massage to meet your needs. Featuring Spa Nalai's private en suite steam shower, vanity, armoire, and terrace with views of both the city skyline and Central Park. NYC at its privately exclusive best.

Tension Reliever 30 minutes $125

Concentrated on the back, neck, and shoulders, this targeted massage will ease muscle tension and encourage relaxation.


Essential Oil Aromatherapy Add on to any 60 or 90-minute massage $25

A customized formulation of aromatic essential oils blended with massage oils imparts specific healing benefits to your body via scent sensors stimulating the brain.
• Uplifting
• Calming
• Energizing

Warm Stone Therapy Add on to any 90-minute massage $30

Smooth, round basalt stones are gently heated and smoothed over the body. The heat of the stones induces muscle tension relief and deep relaxation-inducing mind-promoted healing.