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Nahm Spa Treatments at Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

NAHM SIGNATURE MASSAGE 60/90/120 minutes THB 2,900/3,400 /3,900

Select from a set of unique massage oils, and experience deep rhythmic strokes, inspired by the ocean, combined with finger and palm pressure, to increase range of motion, remove blockages and relieve tension.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE 60/90/120 minutes THB 2,300/2,8500/3,300

Drawing from traditional Thai healing, acupressure and gentle stretching target specific points along meridian lines, to release muscle tension, clear blockages, and promote free flowing energy within the body.

THAI ACUPRESSURE 60/90/120 minutes THB 2,000/2,500/3,000

Drawing from traditional Thai healing, acupressure and gentle stretching target specific points along meridian lines, to release muscle tension, clear blockages, and promote free flowing energy within the body.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE 60 minutes THB 2,000

This energy-based, traditional Thai massage delivers pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet, to stimulate the nerve endings and restore the free flow of energy throughout the body.

HEAD MASSAGE 60 minutes THB 2,000

Nutrient-rich, locally-harvested coconut oil, combined with targeted pressure-point scalp massage and traditional techniques, helps to stimulate blood flow and may reduce hair fall, whilst nourishing the scalp and hair.

NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE 60 minutes THB 2,000

Focusing on common problem areas, this massage reduces tension in the back, neck, shoulders and head, inducing a profound sense of relaxation, whilst improving circulation and easing away muscular aches and pains.

SLIMMING MASSAGE 60 minutes THB 2,800

An invigorating massage, using deep fascia-release techniques of friction, kneading and wringing, works to breakup cellulite. Intense strokes aimed at problem areas aid in the elimination of excess fluid, push out toxins and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

HERBAL COMPRESS MASSAGE 90/120 minutes THB 2,900/3,400

Combined with work along the 12 meridians, steamed herbal compresses transfer heat and the healing benefits of ginger, sea salt and coconut to the body, nourishing the skin, warming deep tissue, boosting circulation and releasing stagnation.

Himalayan Salt Thermal Therapy 90/120 minutes THB 3,000/3,500

The artisanal, hand-carved salt crystal stones, ethically sourced with 84 minerals and trace elements are warmed up to massage the body and melt away pains and tight muscles. This treatment stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and replenishes the skin to promote pure relaxation. It blends together with our organic massage oil to soothe and balance the body.

ABHYANGA MASSAGE 90 minutes THB 2,900

A base oil of jojoba & sweet almond is blended with essential oils to match your dosha type • For PITTA: Lavender, sandalwood, cedar wood, chamomile, geranium and jasmine pacify. Pitta supports healthy circulation and help move toxins out of the system • For VATA: Rosewood, sandalwood, fennel and dill calms and grounds. Vata strengthens the nervous system, eases muscle tension and promotes deep relaxation. • For KAPHA: Grapefruit, hibiscus, lemongrass, eucalyptus and cloves activate, mobilize and stimulate circulation, which is vital for balancing Kapha

Shirodhara Treatment 60 minutes THB 2,900

The ancient Ayurvedic healing practice begins with a soothing back release massage followed by our traditional Shirodhara treatment, where warm oil is poured on the forehead. An invigorating scalp massage completes this ritual leaving your body, mind and nervous system in a deep state of rest.

NAHM PREMIUM FACIAL 90 minutes THB 3,000

Ultra-relaxing massage techniques combine with detoxifying marine products for deep cleansing. With a perfect balance of effective hydration and intense well-being, signature products conspire with ultra-sensory textures, to moisturize and reinvigorate the skin, revealing an instant natural freshness.


For an intense relaxation session and dramatic moisturizing effects, skin is soaked with highly efficient hydration, producing instantaneous results. Skin regains luster and radiance.


Experience three key steps, in an ultra-effective treatment to resurface the skin, reduce wrinkles and re-contour the face. In a single treatment, wrinkles are visibly corrected, leaving skin firmer with a younger appearance.


Ideal for a more radiant and even complexion, clinical tests have shown spectacular results with this treatment, in reducing the appearance and number of dark spots, revealing a healthier, brighter glow.


Protective and calming relief for sensitive skin and/or redness, this pampering treatment softens and soothes skin, leaving it ideally hydrated and enhancing its natural protective system.

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From the sea and shore, this body scrub combines natural coconut milk with mineral-rich sea salt, neroli essential oil, jasmine and antioxidants, to slough away dullness and reveal healthy, revitalized skin.


This innovative body treatment offers an integral beauty experience, by combining three major aesthetic actions in a single protocol: contouring, firmness and skin quality. After a multi-exfoliation, a reshaping massage sculpts body contours, for a younger and more radiant appearance of the skin.

Jasmin Rice Scrub 60 minutes THB 2200

Slough away dead skin with the powerful Sir Nin and Jasmine scrub to refresh and refine skin, restoring the moisture and brighten your skin.

Lotus Scrub & Wrap 75 minutes THB 2400

Derived from different parts of the lotus, this duo treatment is a gentle exfoliator to improve texture and appearance of the skin. This treatment moisturizes and pampers the skin even as it exfoliates.

Dead Sea Mud Body Mask 60 minutes THB 2,200

The rich minerals form the Dead Sea help the skin to detoxify, remove impurities and retain the skin’s moisture level, leaving the skin feeling refresh and invigorated.

ALOE VERA BODY WRAP 60 minutes THB 1,900

Calming and soothing, this body mask is rich in restorative vitamins and aloe vera, one of nature’s most potent healing herbs. Providing skin-cooling and enriched with skin-renewing properties, this treatment is highly recommended for those with sunburns or very sensitive skin.

Nahm Spa Waxing

Reinventing the Art of Waxing & staying ahead of the curve with innovative hair removal products and professional techniques for over 50 years by Gigi waxing, natural honey wax instantly leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair and is gentle enough of delicate areas. Under Arms 700 THB Half Leg 1,000THB Full Arms 1,000THB Chest 1,200THB Back 1,500THB Full Legs 1,200THB Bikini Line 1,200THB Brazilian Wax 1,700THB

Nail Treatments

Treatment included cutting, polishing cuticle care and exfoliation of hand and /or feet, followed by a soothing massage and the application of hydrating lotion, and a choice of OPI nail polish. Nahm spa manicure 60 minutes 1,200THB Nahm spa Pedicure 60 minutes 1,200THB Nahm spa manicure & pedicure 120 minutes 2,000THB Classic Spa Nail Treatment included cutting, polishing, cuticle care and the application a choice of OPI nail polish Classic manicure 45 minutes 1,000THB Classic Pedicure 45 minutes 1,000THB Classic manicure & pedicure 45 minutes 2,000THB Nail Polish 90 minutes 600 THB