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LUMI massage

LUMI massage therapies and therapists deliver expert care customized to your unique needs.

Lumi Light 90 mins | KRW 210,000, 60 mins | KRW 150,000

Let light and warmth into the body and soul. Experience an unsurpassed level of relaxation with classic and soft Swedish massage techniques that gently relieve fatigue, while organic lavender oil and warm rose stones soothe tense and tired muscles.

Organic Aromatic 90 mins | KRW 210,000, 60 mins | KRW 150,000

Take a deep breath with blended organic lavender and peppermint essential oils, which impart comfort, an improved condition and the stimulation of lymphatic glands. A classic Swedish massage that promotes better blood circulation is offered with a choice of Lavender, Revitalizing or Harmony body oil.

Rebalance 90 mins | KRW 220,000, 60 mins | KRW 160,000

Relieve stress and recover vital body energy with a firm deep-tissue massage using refined organic revitalizing oil to stimulate blood circulation and invigorate the body. Rebalance tired muscles and release joint pains caused by frequent outdoor activities.

Oriental Balance 90 mins | KRW 230,000, 60 mins | KRW 170,000

Designed for busy city persons. Recovers the healthy life by restoring the body's imbalance. Finger-pressure, stretching therapy is applied to blood points, stimulating energy and activating body mechanisms.

*All prices are subject to government taxes. No service charge applies. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

LUMI face

Using the finest European ingredients and Korean touch, enjoy expert facial care at Lumi Spa.

Vitamin C 90 mins | KRW 210,000

This oxygenating, anti-aging facial includes spirulina algae for the ultimate nutrient boost. Combined with botanical extracts, skin is awakened to reveal a lasting, healthy new glow.

Brightening 90 mins | KRW 210,000

Delivering brightening and clarify for immediate luminosity, an exfoliating multi-acid peel and deep-cleaning massage promote circulation while evening skin’s texture and tone.

Caviar 90 mins | KRW 250,000

Pure decadence firms, tones and deeply hydrates. Draped in protein-rich caviar, soothing damask rose and powerful antioxidants, this rich therapy intensely and actively defy age.

Organic Aromatic 90 mins | KRW 210,000, 60 mins | KRW 150,000

Organic botanicals deliver antioxidants and vitamins in harmony with the sounds of nature and a bouquet of organic oils to nourish, vitalize the complexion, and relax of the mind.

Après Sun 60 mins | KRW 150,000

For skin over exposed to the elements, calming lavender and aloe deliver essential moisture and restorative nutrients to calm redness and activate skin’s natural healing processes.

Enzyme Cleanse 60 mins | KRW 150,000

For all skin types, bromelin peel exfoliates to renew as deep-cleansing massage promotes circulation before marine mud hydrates and draws out impurities to restore balance.

Gold Hydralifting 90 mins | KRW 250,000

This repairing and hydrating treatment starts with a double application of Hungarian Moor mud - to cleanse, exfoliate and peel. A rose scented gold mask then deploys hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump and nourish the skin while bio available gold repairs micro-damage to strengthen the skin. The traditional Hungarian facial massage lifts and firms.

Blue Diamond 90 mins | KRW 272,727

This firming and brightening treatment helps to revitalize dull, lackluster skin. Diamond peptides prolong the life of healthy skin cells, repairing and restoring skin fitness essential to the youthful behavior skin cells for a stronger, healthier, more vibrant complexion. The traditional Hungarian facial massage will accelerate the oxygenation of the skin to re-energize and lift.

*All prices are subject to government taxes. No service charge applies. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

LUMI body

Skin needs expert attention to stay healthy and protected. Choose your perfect LUMI treatment.

Vitamin Bright 90 mins | KRW 210,000

Draped in a masque of live spirulina algae, this uplifting, vitamin-rich treatment imparts essential minerals and marine proteins to skin head to toe. A perfect complement to a slimming program.

Après Sun 60 mins | KRW 150,000

For overexposed or always-dry skin, restore moisture with pure aloe vera. Blended with seaweed and essential oils, this fast-absorbing moisture therapy restores balance to heal and renew.

French Pumice 60 mins | KRW 150,000

Granulated French pumice in a crème-base creates a gentle, luxurious exfoliation for even the most delicate skin. Chamomile flower oil calms and release tension all over.

Detox Unblock 60 mins | KRW 160,000

Rich, organic Moor mud, renowned for its healing properties, delivers essential minerals to skin in a luxurious wrap treatment designed to detox, soothe tired muscles and restore skin health.

Mineral Infusion 60 mins | KRW 150,000

Unblocking and deep cleaning with granulated pumice, this exfoliating scrub refines skin texture as Siberian fir oil and thermal minerals impart essential nourishment to rebalance and renew.

Golden Body Treatment 90 mins | KRW 220,000

This body treatment showcases the proven anti-inflammatory properties of gold, helping to heal the micro-damage inflicted daily and to revitalize the skin. This treatment involves an invigorating exfoliation with a golden sugar scrub and a soothing massage with a fragrant oil enriched with gold particles. Guaranteed to leave the body soothed, hydrated and radiant.

*All prices are subject to government taxes. No service charge applies. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.