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I Saguá Spa Treatments

I Saguá A La Carte

Each a reflection of the healing nature of Mariana Islands, enjoy a single service or a series of treatments at i Saguá and experience the healing botanicals and caring service that sets i Saguá apart. Add an exquisite bath ritual to any a la carte treatment and enjoy your spa experience in one of i Sagua’s Deluxe treatment rooms.

I Saguá Signature Mariana Island Massage 60 minutes USD 100 / 90 minutes USD 140

Promoting total relaxation of mind and body, our Signature massage is performed by gifted hands as it has been for generations in the Mariana Islands. This full body massage blends long, gliding strokes with i Saguá’s signature scent, Kalachucha, the essence of the fragrant plumeria flower.

Swedish Massage Balance 60 minutes USD 90 / 90 minutes USD 130

This classic full body oil massage combines long effleurage strokes with kneading, friction, vibration, and stimulating movements to gently relax the muscles and improve circulation.

De-stress Aromatherapy 60 minutes USD 100 / 90 minutes USD 140

A firmer deeper full body massage that utilizes deep pressure manipulations and strong strokes across the grain of the muscle focusing on specific areas as determined after consultation with your i Saguá therapist. Select one of our aromatherapy blends created from organic flowers, plants, and roots to target persistent conditions and enhance natural health and wellness. Choose: bula to nourish tasi to balance må'te to cleanse/detox

Target Relief Balance 60 minutes USD 90 / 90 minutes USD 130

Based on traditional Chinese therapy techniques, this full body treatment targets and applies pressure to specific meridians on the body to release blockages and activate the energy centers for enhancement of immune system and restoration of harmony.

Volcanic Hot Stone Balance 90 minutes USD 140

This tension relieving full body massage combines the wisdom of the islands’ natural healers and healing heat of volcanic hot stones to get to the deepest layers of the muscle and unblock the flow of energy.

Respiratory Release Cleanse/Detox 60 minutes USD 90

Using the holistic benefits of a powerful blend of eucalyptus, cedar wood, and frankincense, this unique treatment concentrates on the upper part of body while combining massage techniques with steam inhalation to clear congestion and improve respiration.

Foot and Leg Reflexology Balance 60 minutes USD 80

Our pressure-point foot and leg massage utilizes the wisdom of reflexology to balance and restore the flow of energy through the entire body.

Express Back, Neck, and Shoulders Massage 30 minutes USD 50

Target tension or release stress with a quick but effective head, neck and shoulder massage.

Epress Foot Massage 30 minutes USD 50

Give your tired feet so much needed relief with a stimulating foot massage.

Relaxing Massage 60 minutes USD 80 / 90 minutes USD 100

Revitalizing Message 60 minutes USD 80 / 90 minutes USD 100

Deep Tissue Intense Relief 60 minutes USD 80 / 90 minutes USD 100

Luxury Diamond Facial 90 minutes USD 140

This potent mineral facial combats premature skin aging with high concentrations of Diamond powder, Retinol, and a group of effective anti-aging peptide proteins that help neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental toxins, leaving the skin firm, toned, and rejuvenated.

Radiant Gold Facial 90 minutes USD 140

This luxurious facial is based on a special combination of the two highly effective and innovative ingredients, Caviar Extract and Gold. Maximizing the skin’s ability to generate new skin cells and stimulating cell oxygenation, this treatment results in an instant lifting effect on the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and clarified with a flawless, radiant finish.

Anti Aging Collagen Facial 60 minutes USD 110 / 90 minutes USD 150

An unparalleled, results-oriented treatment that is designed to immediately revive and illuminate dull, stressed skin with highly concentrated peptides, botanical extracts, skin hydrators and potent anti-oxidants. The 90-minute treatment includes collagen bio-matrix face and eye masks and luxurious lip treatment to impart a fresh, firm and plump feel to the skin for a more youthful appearance.

I Sagua Signature Hydrating Kalachucha Flower Facial 60 minutes USD 110

Our Signature facial, suitable for all skin types, combines customized facial massage techniques with the luscious scent and hydrating properties of Kalachucha, the fragrant plumeria flower. Targeting the specific needs of your skin, this exclusive treatment nourishes and revitalizes the skin while enhancing moisture retention and fortifying for a natural glow.

Revitalizing Royal Jelly Facial 60 minutes USD 100

Combining the finest Royal Jelly extracts comprising Vitamin B complex and trace minerals of iron and copper, this facial is designed to prevent and treat the consequences of dehydration and aging process. Its properties help reduce blemishes, promote clarity and revitalize the skin leaving complexion smooth and oil free.

Soothing Senskin Facial 60 minutes USD 100

Calming and cooling, this specialized facial is especially targeted to treat sensitive skin prone to irritation and redness. Free of perfumes, artificial colors and preservatives, it combines Azulene and Oat Extract to gently decongest and sooth irritated skin. Skin is left nourished and refreshed.

Purifying Facial 60 minutes USD 100

A deep cleansing, purifying facial soothes the skin as it refines pores includes deep cleansing and massage to promote circulation. A masque of botanical extracts offers natural regeneration and toning of the skin. Facial Enhancements are not available a la carte.

Sensitive Eye Treatment 30 minutes USD 50

This rejuvenating eye treatment, designed to firm and tone the eye area, soothes puffy eyes and helps to diminish fine lines. *May be added to any facial treatment or used as a single treatment. *May be added to any facial treatment.

Express Facial 30 minutes USD 60

Complete your spa retreat with a hydrating and relaxing facial for a complete head-to-toe experience.

tropical lemon sugar and papaya body treatment 60/90 minutes USD 100/140

This conditioning and hydrating treatment for body, hand and feet counteract the signs of aging. The exfoliating powers of the Papaya Enzyme are enhanced by a warm envelopment to soften the skin. A refining Lemon Sugar Body Polish and application of intensive age defying body emulsion follows to leave the skin soft and silky smooth with a vibrant, healthy glow. The 90-minutes treatment includes a soothing massage to bring balance and relaxation to both mind and body for a new and improved you.

herbal body wrap 60 minutes USD 100

cleanse/ detox
Using holistic herbs and essential oils, this warm body wrap is an excellent detoxifying remedy. The treatment begins with a dry-brush cleansing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification followed by the application of an herbal body masque rich in minerals and nutrients to promote metabolism and draw out impurities.

after sun hydrating body wrap 60 minutes USD 100

Relieving the pain of sunburn, this cool body wrap offers immediate restoration and relief. Wrapped in a blanket of calming Arnica Extract and soothing Mandarin Moisture Masque, this treatment helps decrease sensation of discomfort resulting from sun exposure and over-sensitive skin.

invigorating body polish 60 minutes USD 90

cleanse/ detox
Experience the energizing and refreshing powers of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Ginger blended with crushed rose flowers and orange peel. This exhilarating salt scrub exfoliates dead skin cells while adding natural moisture to the skin for all-over, naturally renewed look and feel.

express body polish 30 minutes USD 50

Energizing sea-salt body polish to remove impurities and improve blood circulation. The perfect prelude to any of our body massages.