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About I Saguá Spa

I saguá spa channels the life-giving power of water for a pure, natural wellness experience, under the brilliant sun of Saipan and in concert with the rhythm of the tides. Based on the local culture’s intimate relationship with water and the wisdom of natural healers, i Saguá Spa treats guests with the purest waters and the respectful touch and healing botanicals Mariana Islands are known for. Meaning channel of water in the native language, i Saguá is a passage through which the natural revitalization of body, mind, and spirit is as certain as the rise and fall of the tide.
At i Saguá, allow the rhythm of the tides to guide your wellness experience and lead you to your desired results:
high tide
bula/ nourish
Flood the body with natural serenity and fortify every cell with essential nutrients.
low tide
må'te/ detox
Reset and transform the body and spirit with naturally purifying treatments.
ebb tide
tasi/ balance
Allow stress and tension to fall away for optimal well-being and increased vitality.
Choose your desired treatment and be swept away on the current of natural wellness at i Saguá Spa.