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Club Olympus Spa & Fitness at Grand Hyatt Berlin

The Club Olympus Spa Magazine including all treatment options can be found here.




Signature Treatment
90 minutes - 145 Euro
Experience relaxation and care from head to toe. This unique treatment is a combination of a nurturing body massage, arm and hand peel; a firming mask and facial massage. The all-round indulgence programme!

Your Ritual Massage
45 minutes - 88 Euro
Individual massage performed by experienced therapists using a variety of massage techniques dissolves tension and creates a lasting feeling of wellbeing. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder
30 minutes - 68 Euro
Massage of back, neck and shoulders:
Medium pressure, promotes energy flow, releases tension, improves concentration.


A facial treatment tailored to your skin needs. Thanks to the power of the natural active ingredients and the exclusive Esalen massage with immediately visible results.


60 minutes - 98 Euro
Richly moisturising for dry skin. The special massage enables the Moringa oil and hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeply into the skin. 


60 minutes - 98 Euro 
A strengthening and resistance-enhancing treatment for the sensitive skin, using an innovative approach with prebiotics from sugar beet.



The ultimate in relaxation with our all-in-one packages. All treatments include a day pass worth € 70, a healthy meal, bathrobe, towel service, tea, coffee and water.


Essential Ritual
120 minutes – 195 Euro
Your Ritual Massage | 60 Min
Essential Facial | 60 Min 


Men´s Performance
135 minutes – 235 Euro
Deep Tissue Massage | 45 Min
Revitalize Facial | 45 Min
Manicure or pedicure | 45 Min

De-Stress Me
150 minutes – 240 Euro
Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage | 60 Min
Sublime Skin Eye Treatment | 30 Min
Manicure or pedicure incl. nail polish | 60 Min


Woman´s Rebirth
195 minutes - 295 Euro

Body peeling and massage | 45 Min
Sublime Skin Deluxe Fit Facial | 90 Min
Manicure or pedicure incl. nail polish | 60 Min 


We offer a detailed overview of our treatments and direct bookings online. For questions and booking inquiries, please contact our Club Olympus Spa team via telephone at +49 30 2553 1590 or via e-mail at clubolympus.berlin@hyatt.com