Cenote Relaxing Massage Naach 50 min. 80 min.

Full body relaxing experience that features key therapeutic techniques and elements such as emblematic hot stone massage in focused areas, ancient reflexology pressure points on feet, activating leg brush and a facial tension release massage. This treatment has therapeutic, relaxing and beauty enhancing components that make it a must for anyone

Aromatherapy Massage Kibok 50 min. 80 min.

Mighty massage enriched with essential oils benefits that will leave your body full with benefits through skin absorption and inhalation as well as a state of deep relaxation, harmony and wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage Jiik Muuk 50 min. 80 min.

This deep tissue massage helps to relieve muscular tension after a workout or a stressful day. The perfect combination between stretching and pressure points will help to improve circulation, releasing lactic acid, recovering the mobility of your body.

Scalp and Hair Rescue Pool 25 min.

Indulge your senses with this mythical experience with the best of two cultures: Hindu and Mayan, where we blend sensorial and natural healing elements that will help nourish the scalp and unlock your energy channels.

Ook Reflexology Massage 25 min.

One of the oldest and most effective healing methods through the application of pressure points some areas of the feet to completely relax the body and alleviate stress caused tension.

Tired Leg & Foot Massage Kaanal 25 min.

The perfect way to bring relief to tired legs and feet with a blend of massage techniques such as Lymphatic Massage, Swedish and stretching when needed with a healing foot & leg balm.

Burnout Relief Therapy Keel 80 min.

Therapy designed to alleviate the conditions caused by the burnout people suffer from a lifestyle with a lot of stress such as extreme exhaustion, anxiety, tension and insomnia.

Hot Stones Massage Tuunic Chokoj 80 min.

Specialty massage that offers a number of health benefits. It relieves muscle tension, oxygenates the skin and balances your body energy by allowing it to flow creating a sublime state of wellbeing.

Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage Kaal Paach 25 min.

Therapeutic Massage that concentrate on tension in the upper body, it focuses on head, back and shoulders.

Neck, Back & Shoulders Shiatsu Massage Kaal Paach 25 min.

Millennial technique that applies finger pressure on specific points to restore balance and health. Excellent to reduce migraine and sinus symptoms.

Prenatal Massage Ixchel 50 min.

Full Body Massage to pamper Moms-to-be and relieve the belly weight. This well-deserved massage will focus on the back and on the legs to improve circulation. It is recommended after the first trimester.

Xiipal Hydrating Facial 50 min.

A breath of fresh air for your skin. Although appropriate for all skin types, this restoring and purifying therapy is especially beneficial for dull and dehydrated skin. Ideal to eliminate toxins, supply cells with moisture and restore vitality, creating a plumper and smoother surface, improving microcirculation and stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers.

Anti-aging Paalchajal 80 min.

This facial better known as the Botox alternative, inhibits and fill expression lines. A smoothing and tightening therapy with a lifting effect will make you look younger and a flawless porcelain skin effect.

Instant radiance Sàasil Ich 50 min.

This rich and exquisite treatment was especially designed to recover brightness and skin tone repairing even the most damaged skin, revealing a completely hydrated and revitalized complexion. Delicious aromas and rich textures make it a soothing and unforgettable experience.

Deep Cleansing Facial Oot Chaaj 80 min.

This meticulous and effective treatment gentle enough for even sensitive skin, promotes the ability to release toxins. The thermo-active and enzymatic action provides heat to open pores and prepare skin for a deep cleaning, while botanical ingredients will purify and regenerate your skin.

De-puffiness eye treatment Ich 25 min.

Intensify your glance and glow with a supernatural de-puffiness eye treatment, brighten and plump your eye contour.

Moisturizing Express Facial Chuul Ich 25 min.

Basic Facial for those who do not require a specific treatment. Cleansing, exfoliation, serum and moisturizer according to your skin type.

Gentleman‘s Facial Xiib 50 min.

Designed for men; this facial eliminates impurities, tones and refreshes the skin, leaving it rejuvenated.

Hydrating YucHab 80 min.

Wrap your body with the best of the Mayan world in a unique experience that will leave your skin hydrated, toned and nurtured and your body renewed with a therapeutic full body massage.

Instant Radiance Paakal Body Treatment 80 min.

This sensory treatment dramatically smoothes the surface of the skin with highly effective exfoliating agents, facilitating absorption of active ingredients. The regenerating properties of vitamin C will reveal a renewed and radiant skin.

Water Lily after sun soothing wrap Kiin 25 min.

Soothing and cooling body wrap that will help to alleviate discomfort of sunburned skin.

Body Wrap for him Teocalli 50 min.

Powerfully soothing and rehydrating, this treatment leaves the whole body intensely nourished and smooth. Includes body treatment and back massage.

Body Wrap for her Piix Xbaal 50 min.

This intensely hydrating rose treatment includes a rich rose serum, oil and cream, leaving your body radiant, soft and smooth.

Full Body Polish Jooks 25 min.

A Relaxing full body exfoliation performed with an Agave Cactus bristles brush that helps to stimulate and detox the skin, leaving your skin looking radiant and feeling velvet smooth.