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Cenote Relaxing Massage 50 min / 80 min

This popular full-body Swedish Technique massage offers a gentle to medium pressure, using long smooth strokes to relax muscles, ease tension and provide a complete sensation of well being. This massage will increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and flexibility

Deep Tissue Massage Jiik Muuk 50 min / 80 min

This deep tissue massage helps to relieve muscular tension after a workout or a stressful day. The perfect combination between stretching and pressure points will help to improve circulation, releasing lactic acid, recovering the mobility of your body.

Aromatherapy Massage Kibok 50 min / 80 min

Mighty massage enriched with essential oils benefits that will leave your body full with benefits through skin absorption and inhalation as well as a state of deep relaxation, harmony and wellbeing.

Maternity 50 min / 80 min

Full Body Massage to pamper Moms-to-be and relieve the belly weight. This well-deserved massage will focus on the back and on the legs to improve circulation. It is recommended after the first trimester.

Scalp Massage 25 min.

Indulge your senses with this mythical experience with the best of two cultures: Hindu and Mayan, where we blend sensorial and natural healing elements that will help nourish the scalp and unlock your energy channels.

Reflexology Massage 25 min.

One of the oldest and most effective healing methods through the application of pressure points some areas of the feet to completely relax the body and alleviate stress caused tension.

Tired Leg & Foot Massage Kaanal 25 min.

The perfect way to bring relief to tired legs and feet with a blend of massage techniques such as Lymphatic Massage, Swedish and stretching when needed with a healing foot & leg balm.

Neck, Back & Shoulders Shiatsu Massage 25 min.

Therapeutic Massage that concentrate on tension in the upper body, it focuses on head, back and shoulders.

Hot Herbal Poultice 80 min

Hot Stones 80 min

Spa Access

Cenote, lap pool and hydrotherapy zone

Anti-oxidant 80 min

Deep Cleansing 80 min

Hydrating 50 min

For Him 50 min

Eye Contour 25 min

Hydrating Xpress 25 min

Anti-Oxidant 80 min

Hydrating 50 min

Body Dry Polish 25 min

Full Body Polish 25 min