SPA PACKAGES at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Moisture Brightening Facial (90 min) | JPY 44,000 

Perfect for treating yours elf after a year of hard work, the Moisture Brightening Facial is designed to leave your skin supple and hydrated. Available for a limited time only, this special package includes a facial  treatment from the high end French skincare brand Biologique Recherche and a facemask that you can use at home. Our therapists will select a facial treatment tailored to your physical condition and skin concerns, delivering nourishment and moisture to the deep layers of your skin. The facemask used during the treatment contains antioxidant ingredients that work on free radicals, leading to clear and blem ish free skin. Additionally, the original machine 'Remodeling Face®,' which combines four types of microcurrents, is used to enhance the penetration of effective ingredients deep into the skin. In addition, the treatment also includes the popular anti aging facemask 'PIGM 400' for you to use at home.

  • Face cleansing and massage with cleansing milk tailored to your skin condition
  • Exfoliation, a moisturizing booster ‘MC110 ’and a mask with tone enhancing and moisturizing effects ‘PIGM400PIGM400’
  • Use of electroporation technology Remodeling Face ®︎ that greatly accelerates the absorption and penetration of active ingredients
  • Toning with cream and finishing serum tailored to the skin condition


Period: November 1 (Wednesday) - December 31 (Sunday), 2023


Reviving Energy (45 min) | JPY 22,000
Many are concerned about the loss of elasticity in the cheeks and dry aging skin conditions due to wearing a mask for prolonged time. We created a quick and effective 45-minute facial treatment that even busy people can enjoy during their break. Take off your mask and revitalize your skin with this special treatment.

This cleansing process thoroughly clears dirt and dead skin from the pores that are difficult to remove with ordinary facial cleansing products, leaving the skin hydrated, healthy, and bright.

[Oil massage for the face, neck, shoulders and chest]
This massage uses KOTOSHINA beauty oil that penetrates easily into the skin to soften and tone signs of aging. This treatment will also help to define your facial lineaments and refresh the area around the eyes, which tend to swell easily, by targeting the cheek muscles that have become stiff due to prolonged periods of wearing a mask. The professional massage techniques also stimulate blood circulation by relaxing the upper chest and neck/shoulder area, which also helps to combat constant fatigue.

[Facial Mask]
The facial mask is covered with a premium cream containing nutrients, such as the mineral-rich Gamarde hot spring water, licorice, considered to be 270 times more effective than vitamin C, and aloe vera, which is said to be three times more effective than placenta in reducing the melanin production after sun exposure. All these elements aim at reviving and toning the skin, leaving it firm and bright. The cream also improves the skin's ability to retain moisture and its elasticity while soothing and nourishing it. This facial mask improves the skin's ability to repair itself while gently working on the skin that has become sensitive after shaving. For those who are concerned about the roughness of the skin, the treatment can be switched with an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

KOTOSHINA skincare products are designed to help achieve a clear and fresh skin.

[Scalp Massage Dry]
This massage relaxes the tense scalp, a cause of fatigue, and improves blood circulation resulting in a positive effect even for the skin.


Reviving Beauty (45 min) | JPY 22,000

This new massage focuses in giving more defined facial lineaments. By using luxurious facial skin care products, the natural brightness and strength of the skin will be revived while also treating dark circles, puffiness and swelling. In addition, the facial mask soaked with premium cream will leave your skin smooth and hydrated while also reinforcing its tone.

  • Cleansing
  • Oil massage of the décolleté, shoulders, neck and face
  • Mask
  • Toning
  • Cryo Stick

Jiyujizai (90 min) | from JPY 46,200
Jiyujizai is a ninety minute or longer tailor made program, with duration and pricing based on selected treatments.

Our spa journeys are complete, deep healing treatments that relax your body from head to toe. Taking the body and mind on a voyage of discovery, allow yourself to fully unwind for a more spiritual spa experience.

Revitalizing  (90 min) | JPY 44,000

Essential • Custom
Combination of full body oil massage and customized facial for a complete essential oil journey. Relieve muscle tension to stimulate blood flow in the face for a revitalized glow.

Around the World (120 min) | JPY 55,000

Body Scrub • Body Wrap • Head & Body Massage • Facial Massage
A luxurious full body journey. A body wrap to stimulate circulation, followed by a warm essential oil body massage promotes the removal of toxins from within. Citrus aromas refresh the mind and soul for a renewed spirit.


Pure Elements (180 min) | JPY 77,000
Body Scrub • Essential • Elemental
Capturing the purest elements of Japan, this unique experience features a selection of fresh ingredients and customized treatments designed in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe and the inherent needs of your body and mind. Discover full body revitalization through a custom-made exfoliating body scrub blended with rice bran, followed by a tension relieving massage to ease muscle aches. Finish with a balancing facial addressing your individual skin concerns to reveal a healthy, radiant complexion. The ultimate journey for complete renewal of the body and mind.

*The prices listed (tax included) are subject to a 15% service charge.