Hotel Policies

Our Dog Policy

Please make sure to register your dog at the front desk during check-in


For the comfort of all guests, dogs are not allowed in any other rooms than the one registered in.


No dogs of an agressive breed allowed.


Dogs are required to be on a leash and in your control at all times when out of the room.

You may not bring your dog to any public area, such as: Pub 333, Atrium Breakfast Area, the pool/spa, the gym, or the atrium area.


Dogs need be walked in the designated “Dog Walk” area.


Out of respect for other guests here in the hotel, dogs should be settled by 9:30PM.

You are required to clean up after your dog


You are required to maintain, on your room door, at all times the special “Canine Companion on Vacation”.

Your dog may not be in the room while housekeeping is providing service/refreshing the room, even if you are present and the dog is in a kennel. Please speak with the front desk or housekeeping to schedule service.


You will be held responsible for all damages to hotel property.

The hotel does not assume liability for your dog or its actions while on hotel grounds