Hotel Policies

Enjoy peace of mind during quarantine

An official quarantine hotel, Hyatt Regency West Hanoi is pleased to offer a wide range of room services, in-room dining selections and laundry services that are suitable for any budget. Let us turn your quarantine into a relaxing stay with peace of mind so you can be on your best performance as you continue your work.

Modern Accommodations

With different accommodation options ranging from standard guestrooms to premium suites, we can cater to our guests’ diverse needs. Each room is furnished with modern facilities, Wi-Fi and Internet cable, and every bathroom comes with a bathtub and a separate shower.

Accompanying amenities such as daily fresh fruits, newspapers, and flower arrangements are available upon request with an extra charge. We are also happy to cater to guests’ special requests such as high-floor rooms, daily room cleaning or yoga mats for in-room exercises.

See our Quarantine Accommodation Packages for the latest offers.

Wide Variety of Meals

Our in-room dining service offers signature dishes from all over the world. From hearty Vietnamese traditional dishes to French, Italian, American, Korean, and Chinese most-loved dishes, our quarantine meal selections guarantee you a sophisticated and vibrant dining experience during your stay.

For the latest dining options at the hotel: Hotel Dining Information Page

Quality Laundry Service

For guests’ convenience during quarantine time, we offer fast and clean laundry services in which your laundry will be collected and returned at your doorstep.

To find out more about our room selections, room service menus, and laundry service fees, please contact our Sales Department at or +84 24 2230 1234.