Hotel Policies

During the stay at the Hotel, the guests of the Hotel must comply with the requirements of these Rules, the Rules for the use of hotels and similar accommodation facilities and the provision of hotel services (approved by the Order of the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine dated 16.03.2004 №19), other acts of legislation of Ukraine. 

During the stay at the Hotel it is prohibited:

 - smoking in the premises of the Hotel (from July 11, 2022);  
- leave unauthorized persons in the room during your absence, as well as give them the room key; 
- bring to the hotel and store bulky items, flammable, explosive and flammable substances and objects in the room;  
- use electric heating appliances that are not included in the room; 
- open fire in the form of candles is prohibited; 
- bring to the territory of the Hotel and store in the room materials and objects that are dangerous to the life and health of others;  
- cause damage to the property of the hotel;  
- perform any other actions that violate the legislation of Ukraine, as well as contradict generally accepted norms of morality and ethical behavior or create discomfort for other guests of the hotel.   

If the Guest repeatedly violates the requirements of these Rules and / or Fire Safety Rules, which leads to material damage or creates inconvenience to other Guests, the Hotel has the right to refuse to settle or terminate the contract (evict).