Area Attractions

Consult our concierge about guided tours through our operator, Banwari Experience. You can visit historical sites or Port of Spain's pan yards, where steel pan drums were born and Calypso and Soca bands still practice. Witness Trinidad's natural beauty and biodiversity in its beaches, marshlands, and rainforests.

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Nature + Ecotourism

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

A nature-lover's paradise, this 12,000-acre, ecologically diverse wetland lies just south of Port of Spain and shelters more than 100 species of birds, including the brilliant Scarlet Ibis, Trinidad's national bird. Guided boat tours are available.

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Experience the towering 100-foot canopy of a tropical rainforest in the island's northern mountain range. This reclaimed plantation offers bird-watchers a close-up view of squirrel cuckoos, toucans, parrots, and several species of hummingbirds.

Pitch Lake

The largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world, Pitch Lake in southwest Trinidad measures about 100 acres and 250 feet deep. Walk on the surface and bathe in the sulfuric rainwater that gathers in pools. Guided tours are available.


Nearby Tobago—reached by fast ferry in 2 1/2 hours—boasts wide beaches and excellent sites for snorkeling and diving. Along with multiple coral colonies, the surrounding waters include three wrecks that house rays, turtles, sharks, and tropical fish.

Museums + Attractions

Royal Botanic Gardens / Emperor Valley Zoo

Founded in 1818, the 60-acre Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the oldest continuously operating gardens in the Caribbean. The adjacent seven-acre Emperor Valley Zoo features small mammals, large cats, a reptile house, aquariums, primates, and more.

House of Angostura

Tour the distillery that produces world-renowned Angostura Bitters and a variety of rums. The museum displays personal effects and chemical instruments from Angostura's originator, plus a large collection of colorful regional butterflies.

National Museum and Art Gallery

Explore Trinidad's geology, ties to the petrochemical industry, and exuberant culture of Carnival. The museum also houses paintings by renowned Trinidadian painter Michel-Jean Cazabon.

East Indian Experience

Trinidad's South Asian population is evident in the many Hindu temples and mosques on the island. Must-see landmarks include the birthplace of Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul, the Temple in the Sea, and an 85-foot statue of Hindu god Lord Hanuman.


Northwest Peninsula

The well-developed Northwest Peninsula lies a short drive from Port of Spain, with scenic beaches framed by green mountains. Enjoy all manner of sports, including kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, hiking, and golf, or visit a nearby offshore island.

North Coast

Drive about an hour north over the mountains to the Blanchisseuse area. Celebrated beaches include the tranquil half-moon of Maracas Bay and Marianne Beach, a broad stretch of sand with a freshwater lagoon.

Northeast Coast

Surfers flock to Trinidad's eastern coast, where the convergence of Caribbean and Atlantic currents creates powerful waves. Explore ruggedly beautiful coves including Balandra Bay, Mayaro Bay, Saline Bay, Salybia Bay, and Manzanilla Bay.

Southwest Coast

This less-traveled area includes quiet beaches, snorkeling, and a view of the Venezuelan mainland.