Hyatt Regency North Dallas knows when to capitalize on a good thing, and dazzling spectators with high ceilings, spectacular audiovisual equipment and customized catering is certainly something on our agenda. Break up basic days in the boardroom with flexible dining options, tasty snack presentations and energizing coffee pick-me-ups. Harness the creative potential of your team with seating arrangements that engage in face-to-face interactions. Just like our delicious Personal Preference Dining® tool, meeting room layouts are made-to-order.
Stay productive and inspired in our high tech meeting rooms with thoughtful services like expert audiovisual help.


Event production

Comprehensive selection, including digital audio, professional cameras, and projection

Flat screen and plasma monitors

For heat/AC, lighting, sound, music, telephone and electrical outlets


Networking capabilities to link across the room or around the hotel

Event planning

Help you formulate and execute your ideas

Financial planning to ensure you stay under budget


banquet detail
Allow our food to set the mood. Casual buffet luncheons and opulent cocktail parties all share a common location in our dignified Hyatt Regency North Dallas. Remarkable customer service and exquisite food are coupled together, which makes for memorable moments. So savor the occasion, even if it’s a laid-back, mood-lifting coffee break.


Hyatt Meetings Offer

Let us take some things off your mind and your bill.