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Situated on the waterfront beside the harbour, Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro is one of the most conveniently-located hotels in Dar es Salaam city centre.

From Julius Nyerere International Airport to the hotel is 12KM and for the places of interest they are in different places of the city distance is approximately 15 KM.

Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro

24, Kivukoni Front P.O. Box 9574
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




Valet service not available, parking is free for guests in residence.

Other Transportation

Whether you arrive by air or sea, enjoy the comfort of a limousine transfer. Build your first impressions of the fascinating, rapidly growing metropolis of Dar es Salaam from the calm of an air-conditioned car as you travel in style from Dar es Salaam’s Airport to the hotel. Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is provided in hotel car service. Transportation is available 24/7 Except for VIP transport, which needs to be booked in advance.

Cars available at all times are the sedans (Taxi) and Land Cruiser Prado. We are one of the city hotels nearest Dar es Salaam Airport and charges are USD65 for airport pickup per way per car. Daily rates are USD350 per day for Prado and USD100 per day for sedan and town trip depends on how far and how long it will take.

VIP cars available upon request are:

Mercedes Benz S USD100 per pick up per way or for half day USD200. USD400 per day.

Mercedes Benz E USD80 per pick up per way. USD 120 half day. USD240 per day.

Toyota Prado SUV USD65 per pick up per way. USD200 half day. USD350 per day.

Toyota Noah Minivan USD65 per pick up per way. USD100 half day. USD150 per day.

Toyota Costa Minibus USD200 per pick up per way. USD200 half day. USD350 per day.

Saloon Car USD40 per pick up per way. USD80 half day. USD100 per day.

Volksagen Passat USD65

Volksagen Touareg SUV USD65

Audi A6 Estate USD65

Please note:

Half day within 6 hours

Full day within 12 hours

Extra hours USD10 per hour

Quotation based on within city of Dar es salaam.

For additional information, please contact: Mr. Timothy Mlay at +255 764 70 1234 or

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