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Whether looking for activities and shopping within The Circle or more cultural activites in Zurich's city centre, Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle is only a hop onto a train or walk away from it all.

Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle

The Circle 41
Zurich Airport, Switzerland, 8058



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Shopping at the Circle

The Circle

The Circle destination offers you a unique atmosphere to stroll around and discover brand stores with international as well as Swiss brands, from Jelmoli department store to brand shops such as Omega, Anecdote, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse and many more.

Zurich Airport

There are more than 60 shops located in the Airside Center which is accessible only to passengers. Here you can find literally anything you might be looking for; from Swiss watches, fashion or souvenirs, it's all there, Swiss as well as international brands of course. In the Zürich Duty Free Stores you can also buy a varied range of perfumes and cosmetics, tobacco products, spirits, wines and chocolate. The many restaurants and bars serving Swiss and international specialties make the Airside Center complete. Do not worry if you arrive early at the ariport, you can use the time to hunt around for that last gift or souvenir - or have a fine meal before you take off!

Zurich Old Town

Under the towers of the Grossmünster is the young and exciting Niederdorf neighbourhood. Zürich’s locals often call it Dörfli and you’ll know why when you sample the atmosphere in this tight lattice of car-free cobblestone alleys on the right bank of the Limmat. During the day it’s somewhere to poke around design shops and trendy boutiques, and at night you can enjoy restaurants and pubs of all varieties.

Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

Considered one of the most expensive shopping avenues in the world, the famous Bahnhofstrasse is a Zurich must-see. Connecting the main railway station to the lake, this pedestrian street offers everything you can possibly want and pay for, from Swiss chocolate to haute couture. The 1.4 kilometers are also home to more affordable fast fashion stores.

Arts & Culture

Art Zurich

Grossmünster Church

The Grossmünster church is an iconic symbol of Zurich. It is a Protestant church that was built in the 13th century in Romanesque style. Construction of the church begun in 1100 and it has since been rebuilt and renovated several times. It is believed that the church was built on the graves of the city's patron saints, Felix and Regula and built by Charlemagne as a monastery landmark. You can walk up the 187 stairs which lead from the nave up to the tower vantage point. From there, you have an amazing view over the city of Zurich, the lake as well as majestic Alpine summits on the horizon.

Fraumünster Church

The Fraumünster Church, is one of the most prominent churches in Zurich. It is one of the oldest churches in Switzerland and is thought to originate from 853, in exactly the same spot where an abbey for women belonging to aristocratic families once stood. The interiors of the church are mesmerizing with stained glass windows designed by none other than Marc Chagall. The church also boasts of elements from not just Romanesque but also Gothic architecture styles. Be sure to check out the biggest organ in Zurich which is housed within the church. It is also home to a museum in the crypt where you can learn about the Reformation era in Zurich.

Zurich State Museum

There is no better place to understand the history of Switzerland and its people than the Landesmuseum. It showcases Switzerland from its early beginnings until the present day in temporary exhibitions and provides a link to current issues through a social or historical perspective. The museum is the most frequently visited cultural museum in Switzerland and recently received a modern extension, allowing it to showcase even more pieces.

Zurich Art Museum

Near the Schauspielhaus on Heimplatz is Zürich’s phenomenal Museum of Art. There are pieces from the 1200s to the 2000s in a collection that stands out for boasting the largest single cache of works by Swiss artist 20th-century artist Alberto Giacometti in the world. You can indulge your curiosity in Swiss art, viewing works by symbolists like Ferdinand Hodler, Romantics such as Henry Fuseli or contemporary pieces by the likes of Pipilotti Rist and Peter Fischli. There’s a great deal of international art as well, like the largest Edvard Munch collection outside Scandinavia, and assorted works by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Max Beckmann.