Special Events

Fancy meeting in the dining room of a 1908 steam ship? Per Brahe board room is the original interior of S/S Per Brahe 1908-1957 and has a capacity of 16 people. For larger events we cooperate with the historical house Sjofartshuset in an adjacent building with spaces up to 146 people.  

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With audiovisual features, and more, our hotel is the perfect place for small-scale meetings and events.

Per Brahe

Unbound Collection by Hyatt

Chambre Brahe meeting room features the original saloon interior from steamship S/S Per Brahe 1908-1957 which was in service Stockholm-Åbo during the 1940s and 1950s. It is furnished with a board room table seating up to 14 people and equipped with modern conference facilities. The adjacent facility, Salôn Brahe, features the aft saloon from S/S Per Brahe, seating 16 people in a fixed u-shape setting making it perfect for a cocktail or smaller event.

If you require a larger space we collaborate with Sjöfartshuset in a adjoining building.


Unbound Collection by Hyatt

We partner with Sjöfartshuset just next door to offer our guests an even larger selection of conference facilities.


Strömsalongen III

  • U-shape - 28 persons
  • Classroom style - 50 persons
  • Theater style - 70 persons

Skeppsbrorummet I

  • U-shape - 20 persons
  • Classroom style - 33 person
  • Theater style - 50 persons

Redarrummet / Kajutan

  • Boardmeeting - 11 persons

Banquet hall

banquet hall

Our banquet room in Inre Baren is perfect for mingle, party, presentation or dinners for up to 80 persons.

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