Enjoy an unforgettable wedding celebration at Hyatt Regency Jeju. Our picturesque ocean-view chapel is the perfect venue to exchange your wedding vows, nestled at the edge of the dazzling Pacific Ocean.
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Seaside Chapel Summer
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 From the exotic and beautiful surroundings of our Seaside Chapel to the unparalleled service at the Jeju Island hotel, your special day will be everything you have dreamed of.
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Wedding Bride Bouquet
Wedding Groom Bouquet
Wedding Shoes

Table setting

Our wedding team will assist you in designing the right table settings in our banquet hall or outdoor garden, to meet your various needs for a perfect wedding. We strive to offer refined consideration to your wedding guests, who come to bless the future of the bride and groom.

Wedding Cake

Hyatt Regency Jeju’s bakery chef will design the perfect wedding cake, based on your choice from a variety of designs and flavours.

Flower Arrangements

Professional florists are happy to consult with you about flower arrangements for both weddings and receptions. Extraordinary floral services and decorations inspired by the bride and groom’s favourite blooms make your special day more elegant and romantic.

Beam projector equipment

Share your beautiful moment with guests. Hyatt Regency Jeju prepares a beam projector for playing your video or slideshow in the banquet hall. Plan a memorable reception for your wedding guests.

Spa Package

Glow on your best day with a variety of spa treatment programmes and attentive service. Hyatt Regency Jeju’s Aqua View Spa offers a spacious sanctuary in which you can relax and enjoy relaxing rejuvenation and beautifying treatments before the big day.


Wedding Table Champagne
For a more impressive wedding day, customize your wedding menu prepared by our hotel chef. You can select from a wide array of delicious cuisines, and we will help to design an extraordinary culinary experience. There are five types of Western-coursed menu, and two each of our Korean and Japanese menus. Two international buffets and a barbecue buffet are also available. Select from a wonderful array of items to delight you and your guests‘ senses and palates.


Wedding Packages

Hyatt Regency Jeju offers wedding packages planning the most important day in the bride and groom’s life. We serve four kinds of packages depending on Wedding Venues and guests, you can choose through further consultation.