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Enjoy a spiritual atmosphere in and around Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah.

Mecca (officially spelled Makkah), a city in western Saudi Arabia, is the spiritual and geographical focal point for all Muslims. It is the holy city of Islam and the direction (qibla) in which all Muslims should offer their prayers.

Situated at the heart of the holy city of Makkah, Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah offers visitors and pilgrims alike a unique hospitality experience, blending comfort and convenience in an elegant atmosphere. The hotel is just a one-minute walk to Al-Masjid Al-Haram with easy access to King Fahad gate.

There are points of attraction to visit such as Zamzam Well, Al Taneem Mosque, Jabal Al Nour, Hira Cave, Makkah Museum and The Kiswa (Kaaba Cover) Factory.

Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah

Jabal Omar, Ibrahim Al Khalil Street
Makkah, Saudi Arabia, 21955



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