Hotel Policies

Deep Cleaning

Kindly note that smoking is stricktly prohibited either in the room or in public areas. The surcharge for deep cleaning of the room is 15,000 rubles. 

Visa Support

Depending on nationality, foreign guests may require a visa for entrying Russia. Visas must be obtained prior to arrival in Russia.

There are several types of visas: tourist, business, diplomatic and others. Fees and issuance times vary according to the purpose of the visit to Russia.

For guests staying at Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park, the hotel reservation department upon request will provide a visa support letter. When combined with other supporting documents required by Russian Embassy, Consulate or Visa center, it enables to request the issue of a single entry tourist visa at local Russian Embassy, Consulate or Visa center.

To obtain a visa, an invitation from a Russian organisation (or foreign organisation based in Russia) must be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will then send the visa issuing instructions to the local consulate or embassy.

Fitness & Spa

Dear guests, please note that our spa fitness center and pool area are managed by Orange Fitness.

 Operating hours

Pool: 6 AM - 11 PM

Spa: 9 AM - 10 PM

Gym: 24/7 for hotel guests


Age restrictions are applied in the swimming pool

Staying with kids

Dear guests, please note, that Bed & Breakfast room price does not include breakfast for the kids travelling with you. These breakfasts should be paid additionally upon arrival at the hotel. 

Breakfasts for the children under 6 y.o. are provided complimentary.

Breakfasts for children 6 to 12 y.o. will be charged 50% of regular price.

Breakfasts for children over 12 y.o. will be charged full regular price.

Staying with pets

Guests are welcome to stay with service dogs or dogs under 5 kg of weight. Please note that additional charges of 10 000 rubles apply. 

Accomodation with cats is not allowed. 

It is not allowed to visit hotel restaurants with pets.

Safety First, Wellbeing Always

We care about your safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues now even more then ever.

At this time, specific measures in place at Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park include:

• social distancing recommendations for guests and employees

• personal protective equipment for guests and employees

• hand sanitizers for guests and employees, and implementing hand sanitizer stations

• additional cleaning measures of high-touch public areas such as elevator buttons, doorknobs, etc.

• using antibacterial recicular during the night

• screening measures with all hotel employees and guests upon arrival

• mobile room access via World of Hyatt application

• contactless room service

• following new food safety protocols

We continue to closely monitor the situation, remain vigilant, and follow recommended precautionary measures, protocols and guidelines from various health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health, and local authorities, in an effort to ensure our guests, colleagues and customers remain in a safe and healthy environment. 


Fire safety within hotel grounds and action plan in case of emergency

You are kindly requested to observe the following Fire safety rules:

Please do not use your own electrically heated appliances such as electric irons, immersion water heaters, electric curling irons etc. in your room.

In compliance with Federal Legislation, smoking is strictly prohibited within hotel grounds, same as open fire (candles, fireworks, arc radiation equipment etc.).

In case you discovered the fire in your room, please hit the ‘Emergency’ button on your room phone promptly!

Leave your room immediately. Take your personal documents, valuables and room keys with you. Close the door behind you.


Activate the nearest Fire emergency button.

Leave the building via nearest emergency exit staircase according to evacuation plan. Once outside please await further instructions from our trained personnel.

Stay in your room if heavy smoke has filled the way to the closest emergency exit.

- call operator by pushing the ‘Emergency’ button on your room phone and follow instructions;

- shut your room entrance door and place a wet towel/ linen at the base of door to prevent smoke entering the room;

- stay calm and wait for rescue.

Photoshooting rules

On the territory of the Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park hotel, non-commercial photography and / or photography for personal purposes is allowed, if such shooting does not interfere with the operation of the hotel. For resident guests, shooting in agreed public locations can be carried out at additional charge of 10 000 rubles.


The hotel reserves the right to interrupt the shooting or deny the possibility of the shooting on its territory for reasons related to its operational activities.


Guests can conduct shooting in his / hers room or in the public areas, if the operating environment of the hotel allows you to do so without disturbing the other guests. Number of people in the shooting crew in public areas is limited to two pax (photographer, assistant) and a model or bride & groom.

Public places that can be used for the shooting:

·                     Lobby and spiral stairs (1st floor)

·                     Oriental Cocktail Bar at non-working hours, accompanied by a hotel representative (14th floor)


Expected time for private shooting in lobby and bar areas is ~20 minutes each.


When shooting, it is prohibited:

·                     To use stationary or heavy equipment in common areas

·                     To use or move any hotel equipment (tables, chairs, carts, signage etc.) without prior agreement with the hotel representative

·                     To shoot in restaurants (Promenade Lounge, Heritage Restaurant, Oriental Cocktail Bar) in presence of other guests


All activities performed during filming must comply with applicable laws and regulations. Any participants in the shooting, which may include models, photographers, designers, makeup artists, assistants, should not be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. In the event of misconduct, disruption of order and / or any ongoing operational processes, the hotel reserves the right to immediately stop the shooting and ask guests to leave the premises or building.