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SHe Travel Club Platinum Certification
SHe Travel Club Platinum Certification
We are delighted to announce that Hyatt Regency Amsterdam has achieved an extraordinary milestone as the first hotel in the Netherlands to receive the prestigious platinum certification from the SHe Travel Club. The platinum certification from the SHe Travel Club acknowledges our dedication to exceeding expectations and setting new standards within the hospitality industry. We are immensely honoured by this achievement and will continue to elevate the guest experience at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam to unparalleled heights.
SHe Travel Club Platinum Certification

Hyatt Regency | Meeting room C

From small meetings, to private flexworking spaces, or mini brainstorms, get in touch at to host your next event with us!

Ask our Front Desk about the measures we have taken to ensure your safety or click here to read our new Health & Safety manual.

Hyatt Regency | Meeting room C

Flex Work Package | 27 EUR

With a ‘living’ decor, peaceful atmosphere and tasty lunch offers to keep you going, you’ll be challenged to find somewhere more inspiring to settle for a productive day. Make the most of our offer, just €27 including welcome coffee/tea, lunch, gym access and complimentary Wi-Fi!

No need to book in advance, just show up and ask anyone at the bar for more information!

*This is currently not available due to government restrictions. 

Sustainability is at our core

On opening Hyatt Regency Amsterdam was awarded a BREEAM Excellent Certificate with the highest score of any hotel in the Netherlands. We live true to this award and would love to share how!

Here are a few examples of actions currently implemented in our hotel.

  • Plastic bottles removed from guest rooms and replaced with glass, saving us throwing away over 500 bottles a week. 
  • No plastic in our events spaces
  • Joining Amsterdam's iAmStrawless movement - you won't find a straw at the bar!
  • Empty wine bottles are collected and upcycled into Mama Makan glasses thanks to Rebottled partnership.
  • Clean the World: Empty shampoo, conditioner and soap are collected and repurposed into useable hygiene products for countries in need. 
  • Instead of being thrown away, our Christmas trees are currently being brewed into Lowlander's latest Winter IPA
  • Food waste is turned into biodiesel
  • Hives for swallows & bats located in hotel facade.

If you are interested in more information about the efforts of our hotel, please do not hesitate to ask our receptionists. Moreover, we welcome your suggestions to help us enhance our sustainable development program.

Five Senses of Botany & Sustainability
A Mindful Meetings & Events Concept

Inspired by our natural green interior, award-winning vertical garden, BREEAM award, botanical design inspiration & sustainability…every event experience at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam will be planned with our new Meetings & Event concept in mind – The Five Senses of Botany & Sustainability. Events promise to bring the themes of botany & sustainability to life beyond just recycled paper!

  • Meetings & Events at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam are plastic free
  • Un-drunk water from delegates is not wasted and instead is encouraged to be poured into watering cans around the event spaces to help us keep our botanical decoration alive
  • We’ve partnered with Rebottled, repurposing your used wine bottles into shiny new drinking glasses
  • Food waste is collected and turned into green energy for Amsterdam
  • Want something different to add to your event? Now you can start your event with a mindfulness track, or book a yoga workshop, meditation session or terrarium workshop for after your meeting!

Discover our spaces!

We've adopted Mona & Okto!
in partnership with the Orangutan Foundation in Indonesia

Through recent fundraising events, we've partnered with the Orangutan Foundation to adopt Mona & Okto, two orphaned orangutans in Indonesia. The money we've raised supports the care and rehabilitation of Mona & Okto for two years. 

To celebrate this, our very important little guests receive cuddly orangutan toys on arrival as part of a Very Important Baby (VIB) program and in the restaurant, why not ask for the orangutan colouring books for the little ones! 

Interior Landscaping of the Year 2018

Our living green wall in the lobby was awarded the Interior Landscaping of the Year. The long, vital green wall in the hotel lobby provides a pleasant, luxurious multifunctional space for hotel guests, conference participants and local residents. And is a favourite instagram hotspot for our visitors!