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Discover the emblematic places of Casablanca! Hyatt Regency Casablanca offers tours nearby, depending on your schedule and points of interest. Explore the city, discover its vibrant culture, go shopping or take a gourmet break… Then come back home with your eyes filled with memories and the desire to return to Casablanca very soon. Our staff can help you organize your day. Have a great one!

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Arts & Culture at Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

Built on the ocean, the Hassan II Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the world. Its shimmering colors and its finely worked titanium doors make it a splendor to discover. 30 000 Moroccan craftsmen worked on its ornaments. The great mosque was completed in 1993.

Ville Art Déco

At the beginning of the 20th century, Casablanca became an innovative laboratory for French architects. Ideas and Talents competed to create an Arab-Andalusian style revisited by new art, art deco and cubism. From the hotel, walk to discover this rich heritage that opens up to you: Boulevard Mohamed V, pedestrian streets, the Rialto, the Central Market…Visit, take breaks and enjoy the legendary Casablanca.

Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur

Built in the 1930s, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is absolutely stunning. It is a very original monument that combines a fusion of gothic and art deco aesthetics. The cathedral has become a space for exhibitions and cultural events.

Old Medina

Settled between the hotel and the port, the old medina and its small labyrinth streets invite you to a surprising and exotic journey. Colorful stores, handicraft products, oriental perfumes, Berber jewels, African fabrics, Moroccan teapots, spices, small souvenirs…anyone can find pleasure in it. Some quiet places will allow you to admire the architecture of this typical and enthusiastic medina. It is the image of the ancestral Casablanca, which will make your holiday memorable.

Habbous District

This picturesque area was designed in the 1920s at the request of Marshal Lyautey. The Habbous have a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Feel free to leave the main streets to discover this area that preserves the singularity of traditional lifestyles. Visit the kissariat, the incredible olive courtyard, the ancestral Bennis bakery and its traditional oven, the bookstores with wonderful books and calligraphy. You will also find a wide range of handicrafts, babouches and traditional clothes, perfumers, antique shops…

Museum of the Abderrahman Slaoui fondation

Located in a charming villa dating from the 1440s in the historic center of Casablanca, the Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation museum exhibits unique collections of jewelry, paintings, old posters, and decorative objects. A small precious case to witness the history of Morocco.

Mohamed V Square

Mohammed V Square is built around a huge fountain with water features. All around are the most important administrations of the city: the Prefecture, the Court, the Post Office and the headquarters of Bank Al Maghrib. These are all magnificent historical buildings. This square, known as the “Pigeon Square”, is also the location of King “Mohammed VI Grand Theatre”.

Lighthouse El hank

Built in the early twentieth century by the French architect Albert Laprade, the lighthouse is an iconic place in the city that gives a 360 view without equal on the metropolis. A good way to have some perspective over the white city

Art Galeries

Casablanca knows a great dynamism in the art market. The city has many luxurious galleries which expose young and experienced talents. List: Atelier 21, Loft Art Gallery, So Art.

Parks and Recreation

The Corniche

Ideal for a walk or run by the sea. You can find many restaurants and coffee shops have terrace with views on the ocean and the city. About 6 km long, the corniche is the favorite place for locals to relax.

Arab league park

Covering almost 30 hectares, the Arab League Park, created in 1919, is the largest greenery place in the city. You will find palm trees, century-old trees, flowered alleys, water basins, large lawns, children’s games and sports fields. It is a pleasant place to rest, jog or have a picnic.

Royal Golf Mohammedia

“Royal Golf Mohammedia” golf course is an 18 hole per 72 courses, named “the Scottish”. It is a real link always under the prevailing winds. Royal Golf Mohammedia course is known by all golfers in Morocco for being a haven of peace. Whether by the ocean or the forest, the greenery is omnipresent: Eucalyptus, mimosas, broom and palm trees. The golf course is equipped with a club house and restaurant.

Local Food + Drink

Rick’s Café Casablanca

Inspired by the mythical film “Casablanca” with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the “Rick’s Café” immerses you in a nice retro atmosphere. Located in a beautiful house in the medina! A place to have dinner or a drink. And, just like in the movie, ask the pianist to play « As time goes by».

La Sqala

Located in an old fortress on the edge of the Medina, “La Sqala” is a magnificent restaurant – Moorish coffee. The tables are set around beautiful Andalusian gardens. “La Sqala” offers a wide range of Moroccan delights in an oriental atmosphere. You can also just have a tea, a snack or breakfast. It is a perfect place for families with children and for all Morocco lovers.

Marché Central

Historic market of Art Deco city center, the central market is an unmissable and pleasant visit. Under the white arcades, merchants offer fruits and vegetables, flowers, argan oil, honey, crafts. In the center of the building are the fish merchants.


Central Market

Situated in the heart of the city, this colorful center of commerce features vendors selling everything from fresh local vegetables to finely crafted Moroccan slippers.

Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall is the biggest mall in Morocco. In addition to international brands, you will find a space for luxury brands, and a “souk” dedicated to Moroccan crafts. The Morocco Mall includes a food court and many attractions: Giant aquarium, 3D Imax cinema, Kids park, musical fountains… Open every day.

Centre commercial Marina shopping

Located in the new residential and business district of « Casablanca Marina » this shopping center is close to the old medina. Marina shopping offers a harmonious shopping experience and a pleasant food court. It includes 147 shops, games areas for kids and teenagers. Open every day.

Hyatt Loves Local - Volunteer Experiences

Childcare Volunteer Program

Childcare projects in Morocco perform an important, two-sided role in society. They provide a supported developmental and growth environment for young children, and they allow parents to work, children are being well cared. In disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Sports Development Project

Sport and physical activity is increasingly popular in Moroccan culture. In addition to fostering teamwork and building social skills, the involvement in physical activity helps to alleviate delinquency among young Moroccans in developing communities. Volunteer in schools and community centers to Teach and play a range of local sports.

Women’s Education Volunteer Program

The Women’s Education project aims to enable local Moroccan women to improve their literacy levels in English, French and Arabic, and to provide them with professional development opportunities. Volunteer in local organizations of local women and young girls.