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Located near the famous United Nations Square, Hyatt Regency Casablanca invites its guests to explore the rich and vibrant city of Casablanca. Spend your days visiting the breathtaking Hassan II Mosque or strolling through the bustling Habous Quarter. Immerse yourself in culture, cuisine, and history of Casablanca, then return to a relaxing room at Hyatt Regency Casablanca.

Hyatt Regency Casablanca

Place des Nations Unies
Casablanca, Morocco, 20000



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Arts & Culture at Casablanca

Mohamed V Square

Epicenter of the Art Deco District of Casablanca, Mohamed V square is a delta of urban animations and cultural activities. Conveniently located in front of the hotel, it gives any guest a preview of the city's rich day and night activities as well as Casablanca's architectural true story and soul. You can also (re) discover this picturesque district with Hyatt Regency Casablanca as part of our partnership with the Casamémoire association, which allows you to visit the little-known architectural and historical jewels of Casablanca residents! Contact us on our social networks for any visit request

Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur

This stunning neo-Gothic structure was once a towering Roman Catholic church. Now, it serves as a cultural center.

Old Medina

Nestled between the port and the hotel, the old medina and its small labyrinthine streets supplied with shops and handicrafts is a city within the city. Unmissable place of tourist pilgrimage, the old medina and its many merchants preserve the ancestral tradition of souks's ancient Morocco, and the economic mechanisms that governed the lives of its citizens then.

Habbous District

Picturesque neighborhoods designed by Marshal Lyautey, the habbous are an example of rebuilding a medina, preserving the singularity of traditional lifestyles and habits. An artisan, bookstores, cafes and shopkeepers, this district is a microcosm of the Casablanca of yesteryear, an immovable photograph of what was Morocco of the twentieth century.

Museum of the Abderahman Slaoui Foundation

Located in a building of the 40s in the historical and nerve center of Casablanca, the museum of the foundation Abderrahman Slaoui hosts and exhibits unique collections of antique jewelry, old posters, and all the remains of Morocco that is no longer whether jewelery or old paintings.

Beth El Synagogue

A magnificent legacy of Moroccan Jewish history, Beth El Synagogue is a sanctuary for anyone wanting to trace this essential component of Moroccan history, or simply to admire a unique architecture unique to Moroccan Judaism.

Lighthouse El hank

Built in the early twentieth century by the French architect Albert Laprade, the lighthouse is an iconic place in the city that gives a 360 view without equal on the metropolis. A good way to have some perspective over the white city

Parks and Recreation

The Corniche

This coastal area is the perfect place to stroll and enjoy stunning views of the ocean or visit one of the many restaurants, cafés, and shops nearby.

Foret de Bouskoura

Located in one of the suburbs of Casablanca, this 2,992-acre forested area features a wealth of eucalyptus trees and ample space for nature lovers to explore.

Arab league park

Walk down tree-lined sidewalks, enjoy a picnic in the park, or jog around the trails of this city park.

Hermitage Park

Large park with trees and fresh air, the Hermitage Park is a real green stopover in Casablanca, a botanical garden promising a moment of relaxation to all those who walks among its fertile soil.


With a zoo, many rides, restaurants and shops, the park Sindibad is the promise to spend a great quality time with family! Located near the coast, it gives you the possibility to refresh yourself at the seaside after a morning or an afternoon of family games

Royal Golf of Anfa

Discover the horse racing at the Casa Anfa Racecourse, a place where golfers and riders can enjoy an environment entirely dedicated to their activities, complete with a restaurant, a club house, a swimming pool, a sauna and a bridge room.

Get Out Casablanca

This is an escape game that offers several scenarios to do in cooperation, with the objectif of knowing the end of the scenario and not just going out of the room. A real social experience in Casablanca!

Local Food + Drink

The Cabestan

Located near the lighthouse of El Hank, with a magnificent view of the coast of Casablanca, the capstan regales its many visitors since 1927, with a menu of great completeness and festive events frequently renewed, the Cabestan is an integral part of Casablanca’s social life.

The Bodega

Enjoy the best tapas of the city in a universe and a 100% Hispanic decoration, with cocktails, Iberian cold meats, or oysters of dakhla on the menu.


Central Market

Situated in the heart of the city, this colorful center of commerce features vendors selling everything from fresh local vegetables to finely crafted Moroccan slippers.

Morocco Mall

Take in a first-run movie, grab a quick bite, or peruse Moroccan shops and international retailers at this contemporary shopping center.

Old Medina

Less than 30 meters from the Hyatt Regency, the old medina is a real human labyrinth where shops, craftsmen, street vendors, restaurants and cafes of all kinds coexist to form a living organism unparalleled in the city.

Hyatt Loves Local - Volunteer Experiences

Childcare Volunteer Program

Childcare projects in Morocco perform an important, two-sided role in society. They provide a supported developmental and growth environment for young children, and they allow parents to go to work, knowing their children are being well cared for. In disadvantaged neighborhoods, this is an important service that enabled families to be productive.

Sports Development Project

Sport and physical activity is increasingly popular in Moroccan culture, as locals have begun to recognize the value it has in personal and physical development. In addition to fostering teamwork and building social skills, the involvement in physical activity helps to alleviate delinquency among young Moroccans in developing communities. Volunteer in schools and community centers to Teach and play a range of local sports and introduce your own from home.

Women’s Education Volunteer Program

The Women’s Education project aims to enable local Moroccan women to improve their literacy levels in English, French and Arabic, and to provide them with professional development opportunities. You’ll volunteer in local organizations with local women and young girls. You’ll focus mostly on education and teaching English, and sometimes French.