Area Attractions

Our offerings are always changing and keeping up with the passion of giving guests a memorable experience during their stay. Here are the ongoing island activities in and outside the hotel that involve island adventure, family fun, a walk through the island’s history, cultural immersion and care for guests' wellbeing.

Hyatt Regency Saipan

873 Micro Beach Road Garapan
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, 96950



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Beachfront & Pool


Micro Beach

Hyatt Regency Saipan’s beachfront location gives us front row seats to bask in the beauty of Saipan’s best beach, Micro Beach. Whether you enjoy this view from your room or at the beach, being this close to nature will enthrall you. From sunrise to sundown, the turquoise water and white sand promises to captivate.


Enjoy a cocktail, ice-cold beer while catching up on your reading or working on that tan in our beach lounge chairs available for our registered in-house guests. Cool down on a hot day in our swimming pool, that is surrounded by coconut trees that is located by the garden. Find your space in our array of cabanas that you can choose from. Food and drinks are available. To complete the tropical vibe, relax to the sound of cascading water from the pool waterfall nearby.



Golf in Paradise

Start your day at beautiful Lao Lao Bay Golf Course designed by world class golf athlete Greg Norman, just 15 min away from the resort. Drive, swing, putt on fairways and greens that are surrounded by breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean. The West side presents a picturesque landscape of Mt. Tapochao, the highest mountain in the Marianas. After playing, kick off your shoes and have a dip in the warm waters of Micro Beach. Order a cold beer or favorite cocktail and enjoy the sunset on the hotel’s beach front. This activity is part of a room package and details can be seen in the OFFERS page. Simply type GOLF in the special offer code field to avail of this special promotion.

Water Park Fun

Saipan Island is blessed with a never-ending Summer and is welcoming all guests and families throughout the holidays. Splish, splash through the lazy river, play under the waterfalls, and choose from several slides that guarantee fun and excitement. This activity is part of a room package and details can be seen in the OFFERS page. Simply type WJPARK in the special offer code field to avail of this special promotion.

Wellness Activity Program


Full Moon & Sunset Yoga

Our full moon and sunset yoga are your gateway to fitness and wellbeing during your stay. It is held by the beach that intends to give participants maximum peace and tranquility coupled with the relaxing sound of the waves and fresh breeze from the ocean. The beautiful orange skies at sunset is like a huge movie theater, like a movie that you don’t want to end. To know monthly schedule, please contact us by telephone.

Zumba at the Poolside

Thursdays | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Zumba at the poolside gives out energy that you need to maximize your enjoyment during your vacation. Jump, lunge, squat to every beat of lively music that is hard to ignore. Let those endorphins loose during your stay because you will need them to keep up as you explore more of the beautiful island of Saipan.

Club Elan Fitness Center

Daily | 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Club Elan Fitness Center is available to hotel guests who want to stay active in a place that promotes a safe, comfortable and functional exercise environment.



Wood Carving

Galuti Club founders Tyler James Warwick and Albert Emanonipiy are local wood carvers who are passionate about their trade. The skills that they possess were passed on to them by their forefathers, and part of their commitment is to continue this heritage so that the younger generation will keep this tradition. Their biggest project include building canoes and maintaining the Canoe Houses located around Saipan. Other pieces range from wooden paddles, cutting boards, galuti or fishing clubs, and other functional tools. Tyler and Albert basks in the opportunity to show their work and invite people to their home base which is also their work area in Garapan, just 10 minutes away from the hotel. To know viewing and visiting schedule, please ask Front Desk.

Flower Crown Workshop

The Flower Crown is a head dress worn by men and women in the Marianas and is made out of fresh flowers and leaves that are in abundance on Saipan all year round. Wearing the flower crown or ‘mwaar’ is a long standing tradition in the Marianas and it is especially worn during special occasions, life celebrations and to show love and respect for others. The workshop is in cooperation with a local business, owned by Saipan born Ashley Reiko Pangelinan of Pualani Crown. To know monthly schedule, please contact us by telephone.

Hiking Trails


Bird Island

10.1 MI / 16.22 KM AWAY
There are two ways to enjoy Bird Island: First, go to the look-out and takes photos of this Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Bird Sanctuary from a bird’s eye view. Bring food and drinks and enjoy them at the picnic tables available. Second, enter a road before the look-out that will lead you to a trail to the beach and have a closer view of the island. Experience swimming by Bird Island or enjoy the majestic limestone formations from the shore. Hike is beginner and children friendly.

Forbidden Island

6.5 MI / 10.44 KM AWAY
There are two ways to enjoy Forbidden Island that is located on the easternmost end of Saipan. First, go to the look-out, have selfies taken and marvel on the magnificent view of this island masterpiece. Second, involves a 20-minute hike down to the beach giving you a closer view of the island. Get the chance to swim in the tide pools and see colorful fishes swim with you. Hike may be a challenge as a part of the trek involves holding on a to a rope. Hike is beginner friendly, and children need adult supervision and assistance.


10.2 MI / 16.5 KM AWAY
Aside from being a world class diving spot, the hike down is an adventure in itself and non-divers are welcome as you can swim or go snorkeling. It is sometimes referred to as a blue-hole or akin to cave swimming because the water is saturated blue with a glowing light coming from below and surrounded by colorful lime stones that is picture perfect.

Old Man by the Sea

7.2 MI / 11.58 KM AWAY
Legend has it that a man who unlucky while fishing, cursed the sea for his poor fortune. As a consequence, the sea captured the man, planting his face upon a rock for all to see, as a reminder of his insolence. Today, the Old Man by the Sea is not simply a rock formation, but an exciting hiking expedition. A hidden gem located at Talofofo village easternmost end of Saipan. It is a 15-minute hike from the road and beginner and children friendly.

Scuba Diving Excursions


Eagle Ray City

Aside from its colorful and healthy coral rock formation, this dive site is known for consistent sighting of Eagle Rays. According to local divers, they describe the dive site as the ‘Eagle Ray highway’ because from multiple occasions, they have encountered 40 Eagle Rays swimming around them. These graceful ocean giants appear swimming through the water in synchrony. Recommended to new and experienced scuba divers. If you are an underwater photographer, feast on the number of photo opportunities that you will have on this dive.

Lau Lau Beach

Lau Lau Beach is unique because this is a dive spot where you can jump from the boat or do an ocean entry from the shore. Local divers usually encounter a calm current and decent visibility. This site is popular for turtle encounters, barracuda sightings and colorful corals.


Dimple is a easy dive and known for many open water creatures sightings such as Red Snappers, Eagle Rays, eels, and Surgeons fishes. The highlight of this dive, however, is feeding the Butterfly Fish. Divers are encouraged to fish feed when they go down an and almost immediately, like magic, they are surrounded by thousands of yellow and white Butterfly Fish.


Naftan is one of the best wall dives in the CNMI, with amazing visibility and multiple species of marine life located on the southern tip of the island. The top of the wall starts at 45 feet and goes down to over 130 feet. There is always the possibility of running into some napoleon wasses and octopus. This dive is great for every level of diver, but advanced divers will get more out of this dive.

Marine Sports


Wind Surfing Lessons

With nature’s gifts of the ocean and trade winds, Windsurfing is a great water sport to take up in Saipan. Find yourself working with nature and get the rush and excitement of maneuvering your sail from point A to B. Lessons available with our beach concession, Saipan Seawind Marine Sports.

Jet Ski

Ride the waves, twist, turn, and make the ocean your playground. If you want speed rides, adventure and don't mind the sun and splashes of sea water on your skin, we suggest that you take up this thrilling activity. Available with our beach concession, Saipan Seawind Marine Sports.

Stand-Up Paddle Board

Every islander knows this sport all too well. Conquer the waves while standing up and using a paddle. Experience the thrill of going against the waves with your own power and see marine life up close. It is a great sport to stay in shape or with your water proof camera in tow, take selfies that will give you a souvenir of this fun activity. Available with our beach concession, Saipan Seawind Marine Sports.


You don’t have to be a great swimmer to do this activity. Snorkeling gives you the chance to see nature’s wonders under the sea. Stay close to the shore and you will see a lot of marine life already. Available with our beach concession, Saipan Seawind Marine Sports.

Historic Sites


American Memorial Park

The American Memorial Park is located at the heart of Garapan, across Hyatt Regency Saipan and was established to honor American and Marianas people who fought for freedom and democracy during World War II. This park highlights a walk-through museum that showcase artifacts and valiant tales of soldiers and civilians during the Battle of Saipan and the Battle of Tinian. The Museum sits in the middle of a sprawling park where you can see US and CNMI flags with the flags of each US military faction that participated during the war. There is also a community dome where community events and festivities are often held.

CNMI Museum

Located on Middle Road, this museum highlights the story of the NMI islands, its people, culture and traditions. The building where the museum sits is formerly a Japanese hospital used during World War II.

Sugar King Park

Once the site of a Japanese-owned sugar plantation and railroad, Sugar King Park contains several ancient Japanese shrines. In the early 1900s, this railroad transported sugar cane to factories across the island of Saipan. Today, the original locomotive car is on display at the beautiful park. There are small restaurants to get food and refreshments to help you cool-off while exploring the park.

Suicide & Banzai Cliff

These two cliffs are located in the Marpi area or on the Northern part of Saipan. These cliffs have both sad and uplifting stories from the Battle of Saipan. The Japanese civilians, rather than surrendering to U.S. troops during World War II, jumped off from these cliffs and gave up their lives. Today, the cliffs stand as a reminder that peace should never be taken for granted. You will also find shrines dedicated as memorial to Japanese and Korean soldiers and civilians who died during that time.