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Hyatt Regency Saipan is situated at the heart of the entertainment precinct Garapan offering an easy gateway to the island’s activities, attractions, restaurants, shopping, hiking, water sports and entertainment facilities and is the perfect place for romance.

Hyatt Regency Saipan

873 Micro Beach Road Garapan
Saipan, Mariana Islands, United States, 96950



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Hotel Activities

Beach Activities

Enjoy a spectacular sunrise or a breathtaking romantic Pacific sunset at Micro Beach. Beach lounge chairs are available for in-house guests. Contact the beach concession for any of these water activities: windsurfing lessons, sailing, ocean canoes, speed boating, banana boat rides, snorkelling and jet skiing. For more information, please contact us by telephone at +670 234 1234, our Conciergeor e-mail to

Exercise Studio

The exercise studio is open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday and from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sundays and holidays. For more information, please contact us by telephone at +1 670 234 1234 ext 25 or by e-mail at

Camp Hyatt - Unavailable until further notice

Hyatt's exclusive Camp Hyatt® programme for younger guests between 4 and 12 years of age has daily activities to entertain and keep the children busy, while their parents enjoy a day on their own. Activities and session times: Full Day with lunch (9 am to 3 pm) – US$60 Full Day without lunch (9 am to 3 pm) – US$57 Half Day with lunch (9 am to 12 noon or 12 noon to 3 pm) – US$35 Half Day without lunch (9 am to 12 noon or 12 noon to 3 pm) – US$32 Hourly rate After 3 pm till 5 pm (per hour) – US$10 Add lunch – US$5 Supervised activities include: Mwar Mwar Making Fish Feeding Lei Making Swimming lessons Water safety Language lessons Painting Dance lessons Aerobics classes Tennis Pool and Beach Games Arts and crafts Nature walk Specially prepared kids' meals and refreshments are included in the daily Camp Hyatt® programme

Hiking Trails

Bird Island

A bit of a leisurely hike, the Bird Island hike convenes on a secluded, sandy beach overlooking the famed Bird Island of Saipan. This Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Bird Sanctuary can be viewed from the Bird Island Lookout, as hundreds of indigenous birds circle the majestic limestone formation.

Forbidden Island

The Forbidden Island hike, located on the easternmost end of Saipan, remains one of the more difficult trails our islands have to offer. Ocean-filled swimming and tide pools found on the hike’s beaches are ideal for marvelling at aquatic life, or simply to cool off after the journey down.

Old Man by the Sea

Legend has it that a man, unlucky while fishing, cursed the sea for his poor fortune. As a consequence, the sea captured the man, planting his face upon a rock for all to see, as a reminder of his insolence. Today, the Old Man by the Sea is not simply a rock formation, but an exciting hiking expedition. A hidden gem of Talofofo village, this is a great hike for families and friends alike.

Scuba Diving Excursions

Eagle Ray City

Rising out of the sand at a depth 30 feet is a rocky formation that on a good day will have up to 40 Eagle Rays swimming around it. The divers go down to the rocks and hold on as the Eagle Rays pass overhead. Many times the rays come within an opportune time for photographs.

Lau Lau Beach

Lau Lau has hundreds of small animals to see, such as an array of Wrasses, Butterfly Fish, Surgeons, and more. For the dive that likes to go slow, you will also have frequent encounters with nudibranchs, Stone Fish, and octopus. This is an ideal dive site for beginners or people interested in smaller, more colorful animals.


When you enter the water, you will see a large school of Red Snappers in the distance and as you go down towards the base you will find hundreds of different animals. Eagle Rays, eels, and Surgeons are seen often. The highlight of this dive, however, is feeding the Butterfly Fish. As soon as food enters the water, the divers are surrounded by thousands of yellow and white Butterfly Fish.


Naftan is one of the best wall dives in the CNMI, with amazing visibility and fish live, located on the southern tip of the island. The top of the wall starts at 45 feet and goes down to over 130 feet. There is always the possibility of running into some Napoleon Wrasses at the case of the wall or and octopus. This dive is great for every level of diver, but advanced divers will get more out of this dive.

Historic Sites

American Memorial Park

The American Memorial Park, dedicated to veterans of the United States of America, lies directly across Hyatt Regency Saipan. A World War II museum completes this park, and contains exhibits on the Battle of Saipan, Battle of Tinian and documents many more valiant troops’ tales. In addition to this fascinating museum, the park’s grounds host a variety of cultural festivals each year.

Museum of Saipan

As clearly stated in its name, this museum is a detailed view on Saipan’s historic significance, specifically in the Battle of Saipan. Located in an old Japanese hospital, this museum can be found across from the equally beautiful Sugar King Park.

Sugar King Park

Once the site of a Japanese-owned sugar plantation and railroad, Sugar King Park contains several ancient Japanese shrines. In the early 1900s, this railroad transported sugar cane to factories across the island of Saipan. Today, the original locomotive car is on display in the beautiful park.

Banzaii Cliff

Rather than surrender to U.S. troops during WWII, many Japanese people committed suicide, jumping from these cliffs into the ocean below. A shrine can be found near the cliffs, dedicated to the Japanese civilians’ that lost their lives during the war.

Marine Sports at the Hotel

Banana Boats

Venture out onto the Pacific waters with an exhilarating ride on an inflatable Banana Boat.


Put on the harness and be gently towed by boat, soaring above the ocean, as the parasail takes you higher and higher.

Pedal Boats

Similar to carnival pedal boats, these boats allow you to cruise about the ocean at your own pace.

Jet Skiing

Guests have the option to fly across white-tipped waves with this amazing rush of a sport. Includes skis and driven motorboat.