This peaceful stretch of desert-meets-sea north of Cabo is known for its laid-back, arts-focused culture and outdoor recreation. Visit enchanting “pueblo magicos” that dot the coastline, head out on a paddle-boarding adventure, or try your hand at on-site beekeeping or aerial yoga at the resort spa. Don’t miss the abundant wildlife opportunities where you can see whales breach, observe baby sea turtles hatching, or swim with whale sharks.

Revel in the open space and idyllic connection to nature. Rancho Pescadero offers a wide array of once-in-a-lifetime activities amidst the beauty of Baja, including kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, ATV desert tours, and more—all within a short distance from our property.

Rancho Pescadero

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El Pescadero, Mexico, 23310



What do you want to do today?


Restaurant Dish

The Rancho Margarita/Mezcalita Class

Perfect your Margarita and Mezcalita making skills while learning a little about their history. The bar team will share how to add distinctive flavors and techniques to create your own concoctions. Afterward, you can share your cocktail masterpieces with the class.

Secret Rancho Ceviche Recipe

Our culinary team will show you how the perfect combination of seafood, delivered daily by local fishermen, with Rancho grown vegetables, yield a mouthwatering ceviche. Sample the handiwork with margaritas and local beers while connecting with team members and other guests.

Mexican Coffee Experience

Our barista team will show guests a little bit more about Mexican coffee and how it is viewed around the world. Guests will learn about the coffee making process, the level of roasting and the aromas that each grain gives off after roasting. Our pastry chef collaborates in this activity providing some little treats for you to explore the coffee aromas and flavors more deeply.

Mexican Salsas Workshop

Enjoy a hands-on workshop filled with flavors and secrets. Discover the most important part of the meal for Mexican people—the sauce. Enjoy cooking recipes of the most traditional sauces found in Mexican cuisine, ingredients, its origins, and preparations then sample and taste them with hand-made Rancho tortillas.  


Couple on the beach

Rancho Tour

There is so much to see and do at Rancho that we’ve added a special guided amble throughout the property to get a hands-on taste of everything that can be experienced. We’ll share our ceviche, our hand-made soaps, and our best Mezcal as we wander through the nine gardens that take you through Baja – from Deserts to Dunes. We cordially invite you to share your superior knowledge with other guests at the bar later that evening.

Sunrise Meditation

For you early risers, we are up with the sun to get a head start on those who sleep their mornings away (kudos and congrats to you sound sleepers). Join us on the roof-top Yoga Shala to greet the sun and share the gratitude. You’ll pat yourself on the back for engaging in such a grand start!

Sound Bath Meditation

Feel the vibration of energy moving at different frequencies – wrap yourself in a moment that helps calm your nerves, unlock your creativity, and guide you to a higher realm. Or, take a lovely nap with very special background music. We won’t judge!

Cacao Ceremony

We take super strong, organic cacao from Tabasco and offer a traditional ritual that when combined with guided breath work, yields a one-of-a-kind experience. Chocolate and breathing with new friends are positively life-changing!


Indoor Yoga Shala Botanica Spa

Rancho Yoga

It’s your vacation and we make sure that our yoga reminds you of that. Yoga newbie – you’ll have fun trying something new and learning a few things. Yoga Pros – adopt the mind of a newbie! Breathe, stretch, align, and breathe some more. We promise no matter where you fall on the yoga experience continuum, you will love vacation-style yoga!

Aerial Yoga

You’ve always wanted to try it, so here’s your chance. It feels great to try new things – and Aerial Yoga puts less pressure on your back and joints. Also, it’s a great place for a nap. Everyone is welcome.

Functional Fitness

(Like CrossFit – but you’re on vacation) This program is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with all the toys – ropes, sleds, free weights, and medicine balls. You’ve taken enough naps – time to sweat with our Functional Fitness. Burpees on the Beach. Yippee.



Build your Bouquet

Use the pots and materials at our conservatory to build a bouquet for your suite. Learn the properties of herbs and flowers that resonate with you and make something beautiful!

Create your Baja Blend

Aromatherapy at the Apothecary. Use the tinctures, essential oils, and organic bases at the mixing table in the Apothecary. Find a combination that’s just for you. We hope you’ll think of Rancho every time you spritz it on.

Intention Candle

Take your hopes and dreams, some herbs and essential oils and make your own candle – packed full of your positive vibes. Capture the sunsets, the vistas, and the beach air with your homemade candles– then light them and remember.


Garden View

Biosphere Guided Walk

Desert to Dunes and everything in between. Start in the cactus garden, travel through the ethnobotanical garden, and the Huerta and citrus orchard. Visit the tropical garden and the spa gardens. Learn about the lifeline of the Arroyo, the importance of the mangroves and the preservation of the dune grasses. It’s all the makings of Baja in 30 acres.

Earthing Meditation

Dirt. We are fans. This is a guided meditation through the spa gardens that encourages the mind, body, and spirit to reconnect with nature.

Conservatory Class

Conservatory Class - Gardening 101 or higher for you advanced students. Here, you’ll learn responsible composting and mulching. This immersion experience will let you propagate some plants for the garden and learn to care for trees, herbs, and medicinal plants of the region.