Hotel Policies

    COVID-19 - Testing information

As an extension of Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment, our property can currently help arrange for on-property COVID-19 testing. See testing fee(s) below. Guest must contact guest service to make the reservations.

Testing Fee(s):

RT-PCR Test: $1950 MXN

Rapid Antigen Test: $686 MXN

 IGG & IGM: $750 MXN


Testing Details:

Tests are performed on-property and are subject to availability. See terms and conditions below.

Appointments are required and can be facilitated by contacting the hotel directly.




    Testing arrangements facilitated by participating hotels or resorts are available for registered guests only.

    Tests must be conducted during a stay at a participating hotel or resort, and no refund or credit will be issued for unused tests. Guest may be required to show proof of travel plans.

    Tests are conducted by a third party, who is solely responsible for administering the tests; results are not shared with the hotel or resort.

    Tests may be subject to test provider’s terms and conditions.

    This offering, including availability and price, is subject to change at any time, without notice.

Pet Policy

    Only 2 pets are allowed per designated room. The rooms are not exclusively for pets.

    Cost: From 1-6 nights, a charge of $350 MXN plus taxes per room applies, which is not refundable.

    From 7-30 nights, a charge of $500 MXN plus taxes per room non-refundable.

    The guest will have to present all documentation proving that the pet(s) are up to date with flea and tick treatments and vaccinations.

    Pets will be walked in designated areas

    It will be the guest responsibility to clean the feces of the pets inside the grounds of the hotel and the correct disposal of them in an external container or in indicated trash can by the hotel.

    Pet(s) shall be kept on a leash in public areas of the hotel and I will not enter the food service and pool areas

    Under no circumstances may the pet(s) (s) remain unattended (s) in the room; if this situation occurs, the hotel will have access to the room to retrieve the pet(s) and will be secured in an appropriate place inside a pet box or transporter.

    Normal cleaning service hours apply on a daily basis from 8am until 3 pm.

    The room is subject to damage inspection at any time and upon departure.


Complaints about noise:

If the noise from the pet(s) becomes a complaint from other guests, the Security team will notify to address the situation. If the problem is not resolved, the hotel reserves the right to resolve the situation. This may include eviction from the hotel.


Acceptable Pets and Breeds:

Aggressive breeds (Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman) are not allowed in the hotel.