Hotel Policies

Pet Policy

A maximum of 2 pets per room is allowed with a maximum weight of 22 kilograms. When entering with 2 pets the combined weight of both should not exceed 34 Kilograms.

For guests staying with pets, there will be an additional cost of $ 1,618.20 for a double room and a $ 1,351.40 for a single room of 1-14 nights, which is non-refundable. Guests who stay more than 14 days will be charged an additional fee which will be assessed by the provider itself. This is due to deeper cleaning of the room.

Guests will receive a bed, and bowls for the food of their macotas.


 1. The 6th floor will be assigned to guests with pets.

 2. The Hotel is prepared to accommodate the pet in the room, as long as the pet is fully trained and meets the requirements of the Hotel.

3. The pet must be on a leash when inside the Hotel, this includes all public areas, with the exception of the room.

4. Pets are not allowed in any of the areas of Food and Beverages, pool and gym.

5. The guest will be responsible for cleaning the waste of their pet on the property.

 6. Any disturbance, such as barking and/or howling, should be restricted to ensure that the rest of the guests do not get upset.

 7. The guest should contact the cleaning department to arrange a convenient time for the service of their room, as Housekeeping cannot access the room if there is a pet in the room unless the owner is present.

8. Upon check-in, the guest will sign a letter accepting responsibility for all material and/or personal damages resulting from their pet. They will also accept to disclaim the hotel of all responsibility and damages suffered as a result of your pet.

9. The hotel reserves the right to charge your account in accordance with the cost of such damages.