Hotel Policies

Pets are not allowed in guestrooms. Please contact the hotel directly if you have any questions.


Guest is required personally complete the registration card provided by the hotel. If the guest is member of a convention group at the hotel, the group representative will complete the registration card r will provided a list of all attendees, which would meet all requirements. The hotel has the right to deny accommodation if a guest does not fulfill above mentioned requirements and reserves the right to request identification from the guest as well any companions sharing the accommodation.


Guest must adhere to the departure date stated on the registration card. Hotel check out time is 12:00 pm. Any late check out between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm will incur an additional charge equaling to half of the nightly room rate. Guest checking out after 6:00 pm will be charged an additional night´s room and tax at the prevailing rate. A full nights charge is applicable in the case of an early check in before 12:00 pm.


It is the responsibility of the guest to pay the accommodation and services full when requested by the hotel. The hotel rates are established and published on the official list, which has been authorized by the Federal Tourism Bureau. According to the Article 2669, of the Civil Code in Mexico. The hotel may terminate the service to a guest and keep the luggage, as a guarantee should the guest fail to pay for the above-mentioned accommodation and services. Should a guest be absent for a period of 72 hours without previous notice to the hotel, the hotel has the authorization to suspend lodging service. In both cases, the hotel may keep the luggage and belongings of the guest as a guarantee of payment.


It is strictly prohibited:
a) To make excessive noise, cause disturbances, and to use any personal appliance for heating, cooking or ironing.
b) To bring to the Hotel: weapons of any kind, musical instruments, pets, , request delivery of food or beverage pick up only at the lobby, and in general any action which may cause discomfort or inconvenience to other guests.
c) To use the room for gaming or engage in any activities that may disturb the order or violate the rules of the Hotel.
d) To use outlets or equipment installed in the rooms for purposes other than the one, which they were originally designed for, and which may cause fire or any other jeopardy to the facility.
e) To damage hotel property or use it in any way other than the purpose it


The Hotel is committed to fulfill all services previously agreed. The hotel is not liable for any valuables, cash or jewelry, which may be left in the room. For the convenience of our guests, the hotel provides safety deposit box in the room and upon request at Reception.


It is suggested that guests keep their room keycard with them at all times during their stay at the Hotel. The Hotel will not allow any visitors to Access the guest´s room. The number of individuals staying in one room should not exceed the number approved by the hotel unless previous approval has been obtained guest are responsible for children registered in their room and should not allow them walk alone outside the room.

Guest should respect the requirements and prices indicated by each establishment of the hotel. The Hotel is not liable for those services and prices provided by 3rd party contractors.

By the current regulation, the Hotel pleased to inform the guest that it has effective liability insurance 35-RCG-10002604-1-0-1 in place that was issued by an insurance company duly authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Debt. The foregoing in pursuance to the Official Mexican Rule NOM-07-TUR-2002.