Area Attractions

Exciting things to see and do at our beach resort in Kuantan.

Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort is located on stunning beachfront of Teluk Cempedak with family oriented resort facilities. Create memorable and energising family stay experiences with two outdoor swimming pools, kid's zone, children's activities and family amenities on request. For more family activities, head up to nearby waterfalls for a picnic, visit the turtle sanctuary or take a trip to watch the fireflies.

Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort

Teluk Cempedak, 25050 Kuantan
Pahang, Malaysia



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Arts & Culture

Cherating Village

45.8 KM
See how this town’s villagers prepare fresh seafood by traditional means, drying it in the sun and processing it into local delicacies such as salted fish.

Food & Drink

Restoran Hoi Yin

230 M
This restaurant is famous for its piquant curry mee (noodles), which are served with juicy pieces of chicken, cockles, beansprouts, tofu puffs and a hot broth infused with fragrant lemongrass, ginger and other spices.

Zam Zam Restaurant

6 KM
Serving Middle-Eastern and Arabian cuisine, Zam Zam’s signature dishes include lamb and chicken madghout (aromatic rice), lamb and chicken kabsa (Arabian mixed rice) and Lebanese-style fattoush salad.

Pak Su Seafood Restaurant

9.3 KM
Frequented by locals and tourists, this restaurant has an open-air area facing the sea. It is known for its crab dishes such as its popular Pak Su stuffed crab, and clay pot flower crab with white pepper and cheese lobster.

Family Attractions

Kuantan River Cruise

6.7 KM
This ferry cruise sails down 500-year-old mangrove swamps that span more than 300 ha (741 ac). Rich in native flora and fauna, visitors may even catch a glimpse of monitor lizards lazing around after a midday meal.

Parks & Recreation

Bukit Pelindung Recreational Forest

3.9 KM
Be it for a casual jungle trekking session, or a more challenging hiking experience, there are trails suitable for both.

Kuantan City Garden

6.3 KM
Opened in February 2023, the new city garden offers the beautiful combination of nature and man-made architecture in the middle of the city. Aside from showcasing colourful water fountains, there is also a playground for children.

Esplanade Kuantan

6.4 KM
The place for stroll in the evening with it's quiet and peaceful environment with the Kuantan River in the background.


Night Markets

Visit one of the largest night markets in Kuantan, which is held every Saturday at the Urban Transformation Center (UTC).

Farmers’ Market

The Pasar Tani (farmers’ market) is held every Sunday morning at UTC, offering fresh seafood and local produce.

Day Trips

Rainbow Waterfall

Those planning to catch this waterfall’s unique rainbow should be ready to start the journey early, as the rainbow can only be seen in the morning. It is approximately a one-hour drive from the hotel, plus another 45 minutes of trekking to the falls.

Royal Town of Pekan

Make a journey to the royal town of Pekan and explore its colourful display of cultural heritage. Visit the Royal Palace and stables, Sultan Abu Bakar Museum and Pulau Keladi Cultural Village, which houses the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre.

Sungai Lembing Town

Previously an industrial tin-mining town, Sungai Lembing had one of the largest mines in the world in the 1860s. Remnants of its mining operations can now be seen at the Sungai Lembing Mining Museum, where you can go through parts of the underground mine.