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Grand Hyatt Amman is a short walk from the downtown, citadel and Amman’s well-appointed shopping centers.


Grand Hyatt Amman

Hussein Bin Ali St., Jabal Amman, PO Box 831159
Amman, Jordan, 11183



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Shopping in Amman

Abdali Boulevard

Located within walking distance of Grand Hyatt Amman is the Abdali Boulevard which boasts some of Amman’s best outdoor entertainment and exclusive shopping mall, including cinemas, food courts and internationally renowned fashion brands.

Historical Sites in Jordan


3 hours South of Amman, the most attractive city on earth, where all the architecture is carved into rose colored sandstone, one will find Petra. Petra is one of the greatest if not the greatest preserved, archaeological cities in the world. The wonders and magic of the ancient city will leave one with the impression of having traveled time and experiencing the years before Christ


The lowest point on earth, only 55 km southeast of Amman is the Dead-Sea. The only water on earth where you float, due to the high contents of salts and minerals, making it a sea with curative qualities for the body and skin.


The largest and best-preserved ancient Roman city in the world is found a mere 48 km North of Amman. The city, so well preserved, shows one the exact construction of what a city used to look like and gives one the sensation of what life used to be like 2000 years ago.


A 4-hour drive from Amman brings you to Aqaba, a place to relax, enjoy the sun and swim in the warm and crystal clear waters of the Red Sea; the place for entertainment, including scuba diving, snorkeling and many other water sports.

Religious Sites in Jordan


20 minutes South from Amman is the city of Madaba, otherwise known as “The city of Mosaics”. On the top of a mountain with magnificent views, is the contemporary Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. In this church one can find a mosaic map of Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. The trip from Amman to Madaba follows the King’s Highway, 5000 years old, which passes through many ancient sites, representing the holy land.

Baptism Site

2000 years ago, it was believed Jesus was baptized in the holy site on the east bank of the Jordan River, a mere 44 kilometers west from Amman.

Sites in Jordan

Down Town

Down Town Amman, offers a variety of sites to visit. In order to truly experience the Jordanian culture, you must walk through the streets and discover the various markets offering all kinds of product and souvenirs. Below you will find two sites which are of particular interest.

The Citadel

The Citadel is located on the highest point of Amman, where a stunning view of the city offers travelers the chance to see the true dimensions of this dramatic metropolis. It is known to be the site of ancient Rabbath-Amman, where numerous excavations have revealed the presence of Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic remains. This is the ideal venue to initiate a tour of the archaeological sites of Amman.

Roman Theatre

This theatre, which approximately dates back to the 2nd century AD, comes back to life each year when new performances take over the stage and attract up to 6000 visitors per show. This monument was built into the side of the mountain, and until today still enjoys an impressive acoustic sound. Visit this site and discover from which seat the emperor used to see the action taking place.

Fun Family Activities

Wadi Mujib

Explore Jordan’s very own “Grand Canyon” known as Wadi Mujib, a gorge that runs east of the Dead Sea’s shores. This one-of-a-kind terrain offers its visitors a variety of activities from camel-trekking to canyoning (available only for adults and teenagers over 18 years of age) and camping at the Mujib Reserve.


Live like a Bedouin and visit one of Jordan’s multiple camps sites to enjoy a night under the stars and breathtaking sunsets in an ever-changing landscape. From eco sites, to the classic Wadi Rum, Jordan has everything to offer the hardy adventurer or the weekend-warrior looking for the ultimate in glamping.

Red Sea/Aqaba

While the Red Sea basin offers Technicolor coral reefs across it’s extent, the diving along Aqaba's 24-km coast is considered among the best. With the opportunity to snorkel above shipwrecks like the 75-m Cedar Pride — a cargo ship scuttled in the 1980s — and even a military tank, as well as watching dolphins and tropical fish cruise by, Aqaba certainly earns its title.

Three Fingers of Hercules

Constructed under the rule of Marcus Aurelius from 161 AD to 180 AD, the three marble fingers of Hercules are likely the only remaining evidence of a giant statue of the mythical hero that adorns the gates of the Amman Citadel. These remnants of the Temple of Hercules, will surely delight adults and children alike as they spark the flames of imagination.